January 1, 2017
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Resources for High School Tennis Coaches

Resources for High School Tennis Coaches

The USTA is proud to support the more than 340,000 players and coaches that make high school tennis thrive nationwide. Whether you are an established coach, a teacher or a tennis enthusiast organizing a team for the first time, we have best-in-class resources and tips to help you organize a successful team.


Find your high school association tennis representative, learn how to organize your season and get information about no-cut tennis programs and coaching certifications.



Getting started

The high school tennis coach serves as a powerful role model by motivating players, highlighting teamwork and influencing tennis and social skills that players will value for a lifetime. Coaching new students or seasoned players can be tremendously rewarding.


Here are a couple of resources to help you get started or to help you advance your skills. If you require additional information and support, consider reaching out to your local section office or your state's high school association tennis representative using the contacts list at the bottom of the page.


Coaching tennis

Coaching Tennis, developed by the National Federation of State High School Associations in partnership with the USTA, is an online course that provides a student-centered curriculum in tennis coaching techniques and methods for interscholastic teacher/coaches. Coaching Tennis for High School covers the court, from coaching styles and developing your coaching philosophy to managing your team and your practices.


Organizing your season

Guiding a team through a season can be a daunting task, but we’re here to help. Click here to find our pre-season check list; tips, tools and practice plans to manage your team during the season; and a post-season rundown of how to keep your players on the court and in the game throughout the year.


No-cut tennis programs

No-cut school tennis teams play a critical role in growing tennis by allowing students of all abilities to join a team representing their school. This opportunity helps create well-rounded student-athletes, develops leadership and teaches responsibility.


High school coach no-cut registration

Tips for no-cut coaches

Coaching certifications

Take your tennis career to the next level by becoming a Certified Professional. You can further your professional development and expand your network in tennis by becoming certified through one of the professional tennis teaching organizations: the United States Professional Tennis Association (USPTA) and Professional Tennis Registry (PTR).


Click here to learn more about the USPTA.


And click here to learn more about the PTR.


State contacts

If you need to contact your state's tennis liaison, look no further. Below, you'll find the contact information for your tennis representative in your regional National Federation of State High School Associations.

Alabama: Denise Ainsworth 334-263-6994
Alaska: Sandi Wagner 907-563-3723
Arizona: Ron Halbach 602-385-3810
Arkansas: Joey Walters 501-955-2500
California: Brian Seymour 916-239-4477
Colorado: Bethany Brookens 303-344-5050
Connecticut: Bob Lehr 203-250-1111
Delaware: Tommie Neubauer 302-857-3365
District of Columbia: TBD
Florida: Corey Sobers 352-372-9551 ext. 470
Georgia: Steve Figueroa 706-647-7473
Hawaii: Christopher Chun 808-587-4495
Idaho: Julie Hammons 208-375-7027
Illinois: Susie Knoblauch 309-663-6377
Indiana: Chris Kaufman 317-846-6601
Iowa: Kylie Swanson 515-432-2011
Kansas: Cheryl Gleason 785-273-5329
Kentucky: Mike Barren 859-299-5472
Louisiana: Rhonda Blanford-Green 225-296-5882
Maine: Gerry Durgin 207-622-0217
Maryland: Andy Warner 410-767-0555
Massachusetts: Carolyn Bohmiller 508-541-7997
Michigan: Dan Hutcheson 517-332-5046
Minnesota: Craig Perry 763-560-2262
Mississippi: Rickey Neaves 601-924-6400
Missouri: Kenny Seifert 573-875-4880
Montana: Brian Michelotti 406-442-6010
Nebraska: Debra Velder 402-489-0386
Nevada: Donnie Nelson 775-453-1012
New Hampshire: David Rozumek 603-228-8671
New Jersey: Kim DeGraw-Cole 609-259-2776
New Mexico: Joe Butler 505-923-3275
New York: Bob Stulmaker 518-690-0771
North Carolina: Tra Waters 919-962-2345
North Dakota: Brenda Schell 701-845-3953
Ohio: Roxanne Price 614-267-2502
Oklahoma: David Glover 405-840-1116
Oregon: Kelly Foster 503-682-6722
Pennsylvania: Greg Biller 717-918-1990
Rhode Island: Julie Mancini 401-272-9844
South Carolina: Nessie Harris 803-798-0120
South Dakota: Jo Auch 605-224-9261
Tennessee: Trina Melton 615-889-6740
Texas: Darryl Beasley 512-471-5883
Utah: Kim Monkres 801-566-0681
Vermont: Bob Johnson 802-229-0547
Virginia: Tom Dolan 434-997-8475
Washington: Andy Barnes 425-687-8585
West Virginia: Kelly Geddis 304-485-5494
Wisconsin: Tom Shafranski 715-334-8580
Wyoming: Trevor Wilson 307-577-0614
NFHS: Lindsey Atkinson 317-972-6900



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