Insurance Programs

for your CTA and NJTL

January 1, 2017
<h1>Insurance Programs</h1>
<h2>for your CTA and NJTL</h2>

Many Community Tennis Associations (CTAs) and NJTL chapters and programs across the country are faced with budget shortfalls forcing them to identify cost savings wherever possible, without eliminating key tennis programming and services for their community.

The USTA recognizes the need to identify low-cost solutions for community based organizations that promote and develop the growth of tennis. One of these solutions offered to eligible USTA Community Tennis Associations and NJTL chapters and programs is the USTA Master Liability Insurance Program and the Directors & Officers and Employment Practices Insurance Program. Each is a professional high quality insurance program offering substantial liability coverage with a discounted enrollment contribution.


Master Liability Insurance Program

The Master Liability Insurance Program offers up to $2 million in coverage against allegations of negligence resulting from bodily injury or property damage.

This program offers coverage for liability claims such as: injury or death to a player or participant; accidental injury to a bystander or spectator; property damage to the tennis facility or site allegations of libel, slander, abuse or molestation; and the operation of a rented vehicle.

The enrollee contribution level for each CTA or NJTL is $205 a year for those organizations with an annual budget of $25,000 or less and $565 for those organizations with an annual budget of more than $25,000. You simply will not find such annual coverage at this cost anywhere on the market. After enrolling in either program, organizations have access to a direct toll-free number with dedicated support and assistance with any of their insurance needs.


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Directors/Officers/Employment Practices Insurance Program

The Directors and Officers and Employment Practices Insurance Program offers coverage through an "A"-Rated (Excellent) carrier for CTAs and NJTLs nationwide. Policy features include: insurer will locate and provide the appropriate defense counsel; no deductible; $1,000,000 limit of liability with simple and inexpensive pricing (assumes assets of less than $1,000,000);and loss prevention services from a national law firm specializing in employment, labor and benefits law risk management assistance.


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Community Tennis Associations and NJTL chapters and programs are the driving force behind the growth of tennis in the United States. Your organization can’t afford to forego or overspend on insurance coverage. With budgets tightening, don’t allow your organization to be confronted by those bulging eyes from the Geico commercials. More than 500 CTAs and NJTL chapters and programs across the country have decided to enroll in a USTA-offered insurance program this year. Add your organization to that list and enjoy the peace of mind that comes along with insurance coverage.

For additional information on eligibility or further information on the insurance, please contact our insurance consultant Eagle Risk Management at 1-888-654-USTA (8782).


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