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The USTA offers free webinars on varying topics to help you grow the game and strengthen your CTA and/or Parks Department tennis programming. Each session is available for 0.5 CEU credits for both USPTA and PTR. Select sessions are also available for 0.1 Public Parks CEU.


Please register here for any or all 2021 CTA/Parks webinars. To learn more about each session, please see the topics and bullets below. 


All past recordings can be accessed from the ‘Past Seminars’ section on this page. 


Upcoming Seminars 

Aug. 19, 2021: Teaching Professionals for Your Organization

  • Explore the benefits of certified professionals

  • Learn how certified professionals can work within your organization

  • Enhance ongoing education opportunities for your teaching professionals


Oct. 21, 2021: Tennis Engagement in Your Community

  • Explore various methods to engage the community

  • Hear how Tennis Services Representatives can drive engagement

  • Learn how to connect and build relationships with advocates



Past Seminars

July 2021: Advocating in Your Community

  • Learn about the industry’s advocacy efforts
  • Explore effective advocacy methods
  • Hear from successful tennis advocates
  • Recording: Click here to access


June 2021: Schools Partnership and Programming (Parks CEU)

  • Learn the various after school programming options available
  • Examine successful school partnerships
  • Hear how CTAs have benefitted from working with a school
  • Recording: Click here to access

May 2021: Building Your Digital Presence with Serve Tennis (Parks CEU)

  • Learn what Serve Tennis can offer your organization
  • Explore the various modules in Serve Tennis
  • Hear examples of organizations that have utilized Serve Tennis
  • Recording: Click here to access


April 2021: Improving Your Racquet Sports Facility (Parks CEU)

  • Explore the various support methods available
  • Learn more about complementary racquet sports
  • Hear testimonials from previous clients
  • Recording: Click here to access


March 2021: Collegiate Community Hub Models

  • Explore the concept of a community hub
  • Learn how a community hub can benefit your tennis community
  • Hear examples of various collegiate community hubs
  • Recording: Click here to access


Feb 2021: Diversity in Your Organization (Parks CEU)

  • Explore the resources USTA can provide
  • Learn the benefits of a diverse organization
  • Hear examples of diversity and inclusion in action
  • Recording: Click here to access


October 2020: CTA Leadership

  • Review board governance and board management techniques
  • Understand how to manage growth, set clear goals, and conduct strategic planning
  • Build a strong team – how to delegate responsibilities to the right people, maximize their skills/talents, and hold them accountable
  • Recording: Click here to access


August 2020: Community Partnerships (CEU)

  • Identify potential partners
  • Learn about different types of community partners
  • Build and maintain strong, long-term relationships
  • Recording: Click here to access


July 2020: Schools Programming (CEU)

  • Explore benefits of schools programming to your CTA
  • See examples of successful programs
  • Discover programming tips for various age groups
  • Recording: Click here to access


June 2020: Tennis Venue + Design Services (CEU)

  • Learn about expanded services
  • Identify how the Tennis Venue + Design group can assist your organization
  • Hear industry trends and insights
  • Recording: Click here to access


May 2020: CTA Insurance Q&A

  • Learn about your general liability insurance policy
  • Ask questions to an insurance representative
  • Hear insurance industry trends
  • Recording: Click here to access


April 2020: Local Volunteering (CEU)


  • Explore ways to get connected with qualified volunteers
  • Learn how to optimize your volunteers’ strengths
  • Discuss strategies for volunteer retention
  • Recording: Click here to access


March 2020: Tennis Teaching Essentials (CEU)


  • What is Tennis Teaching Essentials?
  • Identify how can this program help your organization
  • Learn how to get involved
  • Recording: click here to access


February 2020: Net Generation Pathway: A Better Competitive Experience


  • What is the Net Generation pathway?
  • Learn about the new play formats and programs
  • Discover tools, resources, and information to help you on and off the court
  • Recording: click here to access.


November 2019: USTA/USTAF 101


  • What is Player Development?
  • Learn about various USTA departments
  • What is the Foundation?
  • Recording: Click here to access


October 2019: CTA/NJTL Organizations & How to Start an NJTL


  • What are CTAs & NJTLs?
  • Advantages of becoming a CTA/NJTL
  • Learn best practices
  • Recording: Click here to access 


August 2019: How to Start a Wheelchair Tennis Program


  • Introduction to wheelchair tennis
  • See examples of successful programs
  • Utilizing community partnerships
  • Recording: Click here to access


July 2019: Local Advocacy


  • Learn effective communications with city leaders
  • How to advocate for tennis venues and programs
  • Build long term relationships in your community
  • Recording: Click here to access 


June 2019: Getting Adults into Tennis


  • Introduction to the game
  • Program options
  • Engaging new audiences
  • Recording: Click here to access


May 2019: Social Media & Marketing for Your Organization


  • What is my brand?
  • How to stand out from the crowd
  • Marketing vs. advertising
  • Recording: Click here to access


April 2019: Personnel for Your Organization


  • Tennis instructors employment relationship to your organization
  • Staff vs. volunteers vs. contractors
  • Learn varying employment models
  • Recording: Click here to access


February 2019: Tennis Venue Development


  • Learn what options are available for your venue
  • How to work with the USTA’s Facility Assistance team
  • Take your venue to the next level
  • Recording: Click here to access


January 2019: Junior Play Programs 


  • What is Team Challenge?
  • Learn what options are available for your organization
  • Adding Junior Team Tennis programming
  • Recording: Click here to access


October: 2018: Board Oversight & Engagement 


  • How to compose a board
  • Board diversity
  • How to conduct meetings
  • Recording: Click here to access


September 2018: USTA/USTAF 101 


  • Role of USTA sections
  • Role of USTA districts
  • Section foundations
  • USTAF role & contacts
  • Recording: Click here to access

August 2018: USTAF Grant Making & Scholarships


  • Overview of grant process
  • How to set yourself up for success
  • How you can find scholarship opportunities 
  • Recording: Click here to access


July 2018: Fundraising & Associated Software


  • How to manage funds from donors 
  • Which software program works best for your needs
  • Benefits of donor management platforms
  • Recording: Click here to access 


June 2018: Working with Schools and Parks and Recreation 


  • How to secure a meeting with the right people
  • Which location is best for your program
  • How this can help to promote your program
  • Recording: Click here to access


May 2018: Preparing Future Volunteers & Staff 


  • Progression from a volunteer
  • Best practices
  • How to work with varying demographics
  • Recording: Click here to access


April 2018: Facility Development & Management


  • When to build, purchase, or rent a facility
  • Current status of Facility Assistance Program
  • Future direction of facility devlopment
  • Recording: Click here to access 




  • What do these programs consist of?
  • Where are PTM programs offered?
  • How these programs can benefit you and your organization
  • Recording: Click here to access


Evaluation Planning


  • Determine your organization's goals
  • Establishing data to track and measure performance
  • Effective strategies for collecting data
  • Recording: Click here to access 


Net Generation


  • What is Net Generation?
  • What are the specific benefits related to CTA/NJTL registration
  • Technical registration assistance
  • Recording: Click here to access


November 2017: How to Hire a Tennis Professional


  • What is a certified professional
  • Non-certified seasonal assistance
  • Public vs. private facilities
  • Recording: Click here to access


October 2017: Engaging and Growing Diverse Markets


  • Understanding your markets
  • Finding your local partner
  • Develop activation elements for your launch
  • Recording: Click here to access


September 2017: How To Start & Sustain Adaptive Tennis Programs In Your Community


  • What is an Adaptive Program?
  • How this programming will benefit your organization and the game of tennis
  • How to successfully build an Adaptive Program
  • Recording: Click here to access

August 2017: Local Advocacy


  • Learn proper communications with city leaders
  • Build lasting relationships within the community 
  • How to advocate for public tennis promotions
  • Recording: Click here to access

July 2017: The Inactivity Pandemic


  • What is the inactivity pandemic and what are the trends
  • How is this affecting tennis and parks?
  • What can tennis and our industry do to fight this?
  • PHIT America: bringing people together to get America more active, fit and healthy (and playing tennis, too!)

  • Recording: Click here to access


June 2017: Young Adult Tennis Is Trending


  • How to attract millennials to the game
  • Benefits of young adult programming to your CTA
  • Young adult social leagues and tournaments
  • Recording: Click here to access


May 2017: Join The Net Generation


  • Gain a better understanding of the Net Generation brand
  • Learn best practices to incorporate Net Generation into your programming
  • Net Generation registration benefits
  • Recording: Click here to access


April 2017: Community Partner with Schools


  • Find out who are community partners and how they connect with schools
  • Hear examples from a CTA, NJTL and a public parks organization
  • Recording: Click here to access


Enhancing Your Tennis Programming


  • Attracting/retaining participants through successful programming
  • Programming tips for various age groups
  • Recording: Click here to access


Fundraising & Grant Writing


  • Gain a better understanding of how funders view you, your organization and your work
  • How to build productive relationships with funders
  • Distinguish between charity- and philanthropy-based donors
  • Recording: Click here to access

Motivating & Retaining Volunteers


  • Review reasons people volunteer
  • Identify places to recruit volunteers
  • Identify methods for rewarding and retaining volunteers
  • Conduct a volunteer program assessment
  • Recording: Click here to access



  • Eagle Risk insurance president will review the details of the insurance programs offered to CTAs
  • Recording: Click here to access

Organizational Structure and Risk Management Considerations for CTAs


  • Examine organizational structure and risk management considerations, such as:
  • What it means to be incorporated or nonprofit and how to get started
  • Best board practices for nonprofit organizations
  • Distinction between employees and independent contractors under employment and tax laws
  • Legal best practices to mitigate risk when working with volunteers and children
  • Recording: Click here to access


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