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The 2023 season for USTA League Tennis in Middle States is underway! If you're interested in playing on a team, it's time to join! Email us, register, or fill out our simple form to be contacted by your local Area League Coordinator.




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USTA League Tennis is organized as competitive team match play. Teams are made up of a minimum of five to eight players, depending on division. Teams are set up according to NTRP ratings, so your teammates and opponents will be at your skill level. The competition is exciting, the atmosphere is social and since players compete on teams, you have a built-in cheering section. Teams compete in three national divisions: Adult, Senior and Mixed Doubles. The format features singles and doubles matches for adult leagues, and three doubles matches for seniors and mixed leagues. 


USTA League is for women and men age 18 and older of all abilities and experience. Whether you're new to the game or a former player, there's a spot for you. If you're not sure where to begin, fill out this simple form and we will reach out to you.

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USTA League Resources
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Allegheny Mountain District: Katie Rogers

rogers@ms.usta.com | 412-726-7525

Central PA District: Jay Witmer & Kristin Schlageter

witmer@ms.usta.com | 717-872-6222

schlageter@ms.usta.com | 717-682-4374

Delaware District: Rebecca Collins

collins@ms.usta.com | 302-545-3176

Eastern PA District: Sue Pettit

pettit@ms.usta.com | 610-462-0150

New Jersey District: Amy Filippone & Diana Kimick

amy.filippone@ms.usta.com | 917-865-4497

diana.kimick@ms.usta.com | 609-647-8737

Philadelphia Area District: Sally Baird & Michele Kiszely

baird@ms.usta.com | 484-302-0753

michele.kiszely@ms.usta.com | 609-510-0588