Northern California

Generation Gap

A truly open tournament experience.

This tournament provides a unique opportunity that is so rare in competitive play - juniors and adults uniting and playing WITH and AGAINST each other on a leveled-playing field.


Tournaments and league competition is based on level, not on age, and has been applied successfully in many countries in Europe for decades. In the U.S., tennis players miss out on the many opportunities and benefits of level-based competition.

GenGap is a great opportunity for NorCal players who are hungry for strong competition, to compete against a variety of playing styles.

It also shows them firsthand that tennis is a sport of a lifetime.


NTRP to UTR-range Conversion Table
Men's NTRP UTR Range Women's NTRP UTR Range
4.0 6 - 8 4.0 4 - 6
4.5 8 - 10 4.5 6 - 8
5.0 10 - 12 5.0 8 - 10
5.5+ 11+ 5.5+ 9+
NTRP to UTR Conversion Formula (used by Tennis360)
(Men's NTRP) x 2.2 = UTR
(Women's NTRP - 0.5) x 2.2 = UTR

Adult Tournament players will receive ranking points in the NTRP division of the highest rated adult player in the draw. For example if there is an adult 4.0 and 4.5 rated player in the draw, adult players would receive rankings points in the 4.5 division.”


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