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Medical Appeal

A medical appeal may be made by a computer-rated player only. While computer rated, the player must have suffered an intervening medical illness or injury that is permanent and disabling. The player may then appeal when he/she is released back to play tennis.


Medical appeals are very difficult to obtain; they must first be granted by the section (NorCal) and then by National. In 2019, only 25 appeals were granted nationwide.


If you wish to make a successful medical appeal, you will need to take the time to do the following:

  1. Read the Information on Medical Appeals carefully. You will have a better understanding of what may qualify and what may not.
  2. Fill out all of your forms completely; including the Medical Appeal Form and having your physician fill out the Attending Physician’s Statement Form.
  3. Send in all of the forms with a $25.00 check made out to USTA NorCal, Attn: Vinod Herur – Medical Appeal, 1920 North Loop Road, Alameda CA 94502.
  4. On receipt of all forms and check, NorCal will forward the appeal to the Sectional Medical Appeal Committee to start the process. If your appeal is granted through the final step at the National level, your check will be shredded.

All computer-rated players who are granted a medical appeal down will become an appealed-rated player and are subject to the Three Strikes rule and to NTRP grievances. 


Contact Information

Vinod Herur

Adult Leagues Coordinator,




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