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#TennisEveryWay on TikTok.

Let's Tennis on TikTok

Ready to show us how you #TennisEveryWay? Take the challenge and check out @USTA for more.

1 - Film Your Video:

Step 1


Take a tennis ball (or similar item) and another random item of your choice [something that shows your personality, NO racquets please!] 


Step 2


Show the ball in one and a present the random item 


Step 3


Show how many times you can bounce the ball while using this random item as a "racquet." (Too easy for you? Get creative! EX: under the leg, around the back, etc.).

2 - Post Your Video: 

Include #TennisEveryWay and @USTA in your TikTok post. 

Tennis is Love

And look who loves to tennis.

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Get Moving or Get Out the Way...periodt.

Get healthy with tennis. Watch now for tips from the USTA and Tara Collingswood, Nutrition Consultant to USTA and team dietician for the Orlando Magic.

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