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Summer Registration Open:

Aug. 16-May 6, 2018


Summer Playing Season:

May 28 – August  19, 2018

Flex league Open now

What is NorCal Flex League?
What is NorCal Flex League?

If you don't have time, we've got a league for you. NorCal Flex League packages all the thrills of organized league tennis into a flexible schedule so everyone, regardless of time constraints and ability, can play.

Maybe you can’t commit to every Wednesday at 8:00 p.m. Maybe Tuesday of next week works better for you — or Thursday, the week after that. With Flex League, it’s your call.


The Flex League format groups players of similar ability together in an organized seven to ten week league that allows participants to schedule matches on their own terms.


Flex League can be either singles or doubles, all organized by NTRP ratings, ensuring fair and competitive matches. What makes Flex League so unique is that you play your matches when it’s convenient for you, as either player can take responsibility for setting up a match in any given week. That allows players to compete at a time and a date that’s mutually convenient.


The reasons are as many as your time is short.
The reasons are as many as your time is short.

Why Play NorCal Flex League?

The reasons are as many as your time is short.


Flex League offer fun and competitive matches for players of all levels—from beginner to advanced. You’ll get all the thrills, excitement and fun of USTA League, but on your own schedule. You play whenever it’s convenient for you—weekends, mornings, nights, even on your lunch hour!


Whether you’re looking to play more matches, improve your skills, expand your social network, or stoke that competitive fire, Flex League offer all that you want — and offer it all on your terms — and your time.


** If you are NEW to Flex League, you are eligible for a FREE Registration your FIRST Flex season. Please contact

September 12, 2017

Flex League is Offered Year Round

Fall 2017

Registration Open: Aug. 14 - Sept. 4, 2017
Playing Season: Sept. 25 - Dec. 17, 2017


Spring 2018

Registration Open: Dec. 11, 2017  - Jan. 15, 2018

Playing Season: Feb. 5 - Apr. 29, 2018



New To League?

New Flex Players, please read the information before registering


If you are a USTA member, the cost is $25 for singles and $20 for doubles. Membership must extend to the end of the season to qualify. If you are a non member, it’s $35 for singles and $30 for doubles. If you are NEW to Flex League, you are eligible for a FREE Registration your FIRST Flex season.

Flex League match results do not count for NTRP ratings. If you have a current USTA rating, you may play with that rating or play half a level higher. If you don’t have a rating, you can state your rating upon registration. ADVERTISEMENT

Minimum Age to Play is 16.

After the close of registration, we will schedule your matches. You won’t be able to see who is in your group until after this is complete. We will notify you via email when you can contact your opponents. We do everything we can to geographically group players as close as possible.

If too few players register for a particular league, you’ll be offered the opportunity to join a different league or given a full refund.



Weekly Drawing for $25 Tennis Warehouse Gift Card

We want you to PLAY!

Isn't that why you registered for Flex League in the first place?

Your scheduled opponents are counting on you to play all of your matches as well.

More players completing their matches equals a higher satisfaction level for all of the players.


We at USTA are offering an added incentive for completing your schedule of matches. Each week, we will award a $25 Tennis Warehouse gift card to one player who simply played a match and recorded their score. That's all you need to do to be entered in the drawing.


Winners will be drawn weekly during the 10 week season and posted on your Flex Player page. Gift cards will be automatically mailed to the address listed on your Flex profile the following week. Past winners are listed below.


Congratulations to the Players Who Received Tennis Warehouse Gift Cards.


Fall 2017

Week 1: Sharon Cahill, San Ramon

Week 2: Andrew  Burgert, Corte Madera

Week 3: Janet Stebbins, San Carlos


Summer 2017

Week 1: Theresa Callicott, Hillsborough

Week 2: Nichole Carpenter, Oakland

Week 3: Prashant Bhardwaj, Sunnyvale

Week 4: Clarke Conaway, Fairfield

Week 5: Victoria Endsley, Alameda

Week 6: Jonathan Harris, Orinda

Week 7: Benji Ferguson, Sacramento

Week 8: Anna Wielosz, San Jose

Week 9: Edward Villanueva, San Rafael

Week 10: Jeri Jones, Oakland


Spring 2017

Week 1: Jane Greenthal, Orinda

Week 2: Jeff Caves, San Francisco

Week 3: Mike Bauer, San Jose

Week 4: Alissa Welch, Piedmont

Week 5: Mary Jo Kloezeman, Portola Valley

Week 6: Andy Zell, Alameda

Week 7: Stephen Ahnert, Millbrae

Week 8: Aviva Garrett, Saratoga



Frequently Asked Questions
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Contact Information

Flex League

(510) 748-7373

** Asks about our Substitute List if you missed the registration deadline.