Universal Tennis Rating Seeding 
Versus Points Per Round

USTA Southwest  |  May 1, 2018

Points Per Round vs. Universal Tennis Rating


The USTA Southwest Junior Competition Committee has voted to utilize Universal Tennis Rating (UTR) system for the selection and seeding of players for all Level 3-5 tournaments. 


The goal of using UTR is to have more level based play, encourage competitive matches,

and will serve to assist in the integration of ITF, ATP, WTA, college, age up, returning from injury, and other players into our system.


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     Universal Tennis Rating (UTR)


        Points Per Round



Features 16 levels of tennis and provides players worldwide a common language to determine their level of play.


The 16 levels are based on actual match results without regard for age or gender using the Competitive Threshold* to determine accurate ratings.




Provides players a basis of comparison within the age groups they have competed based on the number of rounds they have advanced.


Positions Determined by:


Match results are based on opponent's ratings and match scores, not the “weight” of the event. A player who consistently meets the Competitive Threshold* within a given level of play will receive a Universal Tennis Rating at that level.

For example, an older junior player consistently successful at the Section level may have a UTR of 11 (top ATP players have 16 ratings).


*A match is considered to have been competitive when the losing player wins more than 50% of the minimum number of games needed to win the match.

For example, if player A defeats player B 6-4, 6-4 the match is “competitive” because a minimum of 12 games is needed to win and player B won 8 games (more than 50% of 12). It would be said that player A had a “competitive” win over player B in this match.

Generally, in a best 2 of 3 sets format, matches are considered "competitive" whenever the losing player wins at least 7 games. 


For a match to be considered in a UTR calculation, one set must be completed; defaults, walk-overs, and retirements prior to the completion of one set are not included


Positions Determined by:


Points are weighted depending on the level of event being played. 


Two players meeting at a Level 1 event will be competing for more points than if the same players met at a Level 3 event.


Points are awarded for position attained within the draw. Wins and losses are recorded without regard to relative score differential within any one match.

A win of 7-6, 7-6 is the same point value as a 6-0, 6-0 win.

All matches that result in a player moving forward in the draw earn points, including defaults, walkovers and retirements. 



What Data is Used:


Ratings are determined using players’ results which include up to their last 30 matches within the last 12 months.



What Data is Used:


A player’s point total is based on his or her best six tournament results in the past 12 months.





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