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Find all the tips and video demonstrations from expert coaches that you need to improve your serves, forehand, footwork, volleys and more.

Guess Work: Anticipate your opponent's shots


Would you play better if you knew what shot your opponent was going to hit when you approach the net? Of course you would – and it’s possible to know, with a little practice.

Style Points: Find a playing style that suits your game


Nick Bollettieri offers tips on how to find the perfect style to suit your game, taking into account your athleticism and temperament, as well as potentially adjusting grips, backswing and follow-through.?

Warm Up to Win: Get a Leg Up On Your Opponents


Even if you haven’t played an opponent before, you have plenty of time to learn about his or her game during warm-up. You’ve almost certainly played someone similar, so you can draw on that knowledge, and here are a few tips for the rest.

Chips, Lobs and Overheads


Do you know when to chip or lob? Or when to hit an overhead? Learn more about these tactics and it will help you take your doubles game to the next level.

Living with a weak backhand


Everybody has a weaker side, sometimes a substantially weaker one, and it’s most commonly the backhand. But this need not discourage you, nor stop you from winning – it hasn’t in the cases of Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal. Find out how.

Three for Fore: Drills to help your forehand


Here are a few drills to help you hit your forehand deeper, faster and with pinpoint accuracy from inside-out forehands, to how to change direction of the ball and how to hit a forehand down the line.

Serve Success: Kick serves, slice serves and the perfect toss


From how to throw the perfect toss, how to hit a kick serve and how to hit a slice serve out wide, follow these instruction videos to improve your serve.

Eight-step program: Elevate your doubles game


If you’re serious about doubles, you and your partner need to develop a solid two-player practice routine. Here’s how to refine your doubles in eight steps—and you'll get a great workout too.

Spin to win: Add more than topspin to your game


In today's game, if you rely on sheer power alone, you’ll come in last place. It’s a major part of the game, but spin is a bigger part. With spin, you can change the pace of the ball, make it bounce high, make it dance—and make your opponents uncomfortable.

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