How to Register for a Tournament Online with Tennis Link - A Tutorial

May 25, 2008 11:58 AM

Registering Online with Tennis Link

Tennis Link is the USTA's online tournament registration system. By clicking on "Tennis Link" from the upper right hand side of the screen and then selecting Tournaments, you will be taken to the Searchable Schedule, an area of the internet that will provide you information on each tournament. From this area, you can register for a tournament.

There are two key components of the Tennis Link System - the Searchable Schedule and the Registration System. The Searchable Schedule allows you to search for a tournament to enter online. The Registration System allows you to pay the entry fee and receive confirmation of your entry.

Using the Searchable Schedule

To locate the Searchable Schedule, click "Tennis Link" from the upper right hand side of the screen and then select Tournaments.

The USTA's Searchable Schedule allows you to easily find a tournament you want to enter. There are several ways to search for Tournaments:

Simple Search
This option lets you search by Tournament ID number. Enter the ID number and click "Find It." These numbers are often provided in tournament information materials such as section's junior handbook. The Tournament ID Numbers for events on the National Junior Tournament Schedule do not appear in that publication. Use the Additional Options area of the Searchable Schedule to find these national junior events. Also, direct links to the National events such as National Championships and National Opens appear on the home page of the junior area of

Additional Options
This option lets you search by a key word from the tournament and allows you to also narrow your search by selecting dates, divisions, types of tournaments and surfaces. Enter your search parameters and click "Find It." Remember that it is better to limit your search criteria than to fill in all available search options.

Quick Search
This option lets you quickly search for tournaments that are currently registering online, currently registering (tournaments that do not use the Tennis Link System), in progress, just completed and all upcoming. Click on the appropriate link to find the information that you are looking for.

Using the Registration System

Once you have found the tournament you want to enter, please review ALL of the information provided on the tournament, both at the top of the page and any messages from the tournament committee further down the page.

To register, click on the "Click here to register online" link (the text is usually in red). If there is no "Click here to register online" link, registration either hasn't opened yet or has already closed, or the Tennis Link Registration System is not being used for this tournament.

The Registration System has several steps, all of which must be accomplished in order to successfully complete a tournament registration: Register Player, Choose Event, Cart Summary, Credit Card Page, and Confirmation. If you leave the Registration System without completing every step, you will not have properly registered for a tournament.

Register Player
Enter the USTA number of the person you wish to register for the tournament and click "Continue." The Registration System will validate the player’s eligibility and USTA membership status, and will only allow entry into the appropriate events/divisions. If the player is not a member, or the membership is expired, you must apply or renew the membership before you can continue. If necessary, you can contact membership at or 1-800-990-USTA. They can assist with any necessary changes to your membership profile. If you need to renew, simply return to and link to the membership area.

Choose Events
Select the events/divisions that you wish to register for, taking note of the message regarding the number of events for which one player can enter. Be aware that you are only being displayed the events that the entrant is eligible for.

NOTE REGARDING DOUBLES: Some tournaments will require you to enter with a partner and some will not. If entering a doubles event that requires you to enter with a partner, you may choose to enter and pay for your doubles partner, or simply select your partner by entering their USTA number, and not pay. Your partner can then come into the system to register and pay for their half of the entry. In tournaments that require you to enter with a partner, your entry can not be completed unless you indicate who your partner is. You can choose to pay for your partner or they can pay for themselves at a later time.

Next, scroll to the bottom of the screen to either enter your email address phone numbers, if desired. It is VERY IMPORTANT that you provide the correct information as this will be the only means a tournament director will have of contacting you. If you choose to not provide any contact information you will not receive correspondence relating to this tournament. If you receive unwanted correspondence from Tournament facilitators please notify them to remove your e-mail address.

Click "Continue."

Site Selection for National Open Championships ONLY
The site selection feature is only used for registration for the National Open Championship events. At least one site must be selected in order to proceed.

Cart Summary
Here the user reviews the entries in the Shopping Cart. The cart can store and process multiple registrations for multiple players, as desired.

Check the registrations in the cart for accuracy. Any unwanted registrations can be deleted by clicking on the trash can icon to the far right of each entry.

Use the "Edit Entry" function to change the entry details of a particular entry.

Click on "Register another player for this tournament" if you want to add more players for the same tournament.

To register for another tournament, click on the "click here" link where indicated. It will return you to the Searchable Schedule to search for other tournaments to enter.

When finished click "Proceed to Checkout".

Credit Card Page
STEP #1 - Enter Credit Card Information. Enter the information as indicated.

STEP #2 - Place Order Now. Click the Place Order Now button. Please be patient while the order is processed. Do not use the back button during this process.

NOTE: For most tournaments, the credit card is processed and charged at the time of registration. For selection tournaments such as the National Championships and National Opens, the credit card will be processed when the selections are complete. See Credit Card Charges below for additional information.

After the registration has been successfully processed, a page will be displayed that confirms the registration. A confirmation number will be given. Be sure to print this page or record this number for future reference. If you do not reach this Confirmation screen and do not receive a Confirmation Number, you have not completed the registration process and have not been entered into the tournament.

It is strongly recommended that players registering for a National Championship or National Open go to the tournament home page for the tournament (found by locating the tournament in the Searchable Schedule) and view the list of Applicants. If your name does not appear and you have a confirmation number please contact

Additionally, it is a player's responsibility to check to be sure that a checkmark appears beside their name on all lists that are to be used for selection (National Selection List, National Open Qualifiers, Wild Cards, Sectional Endorsement Lists, Seeding/Selection List). This is done by going to the tournament home page and clicking on the link to the left called "Selection Process" and viewing the appropriate list(s).

Credit Card Charges and Junior Tournaments with Selection Procedures

For some tournaments, such as the National Championships and the National Open Championships or others that utilize a selection process, credit cards are not charged for the entry fee until the selections are made, after the entry deadline has passed. Players who are not selected, but who are put on an alternate list HAVE NOT paid their entry fee - only those players selected will have their credit cards charged. Alternates who may later be put into the draw will be required to pay their entry fee directly to the tournament.

Withdrawing an Entry made using the Tennis Link Registration System

An entry can be withdrawn online BEFORE ENTRIES CLOSE by going to the tournament home page for the tournament from which you want to withdraw. Once you are at the tournament home page, click on "Edit Registration" from the left navigation bar and then click the "Withdraw" link. You will need to enter the player's USTA and click on "submit." To complete the withdrawal, enter the Confirmation Number given to you at the time of registration for the corresponding tournament.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you made two entries for the same tournament at one time, you have one confirmation number. When you use that confirmation number to withdraw, you are withdrawing from ALL events in the tournament. If this is not your intent, you must re-register for the event(s) you still want to play.

Your credit card will be credited when you have completed the online withdrawal. You will be credited for the entry fee, but will not be credited for the Tennis Link User Fee. You will not need to receive a refund directly from the tournament if you withdraw online.

Any withdrawals that occur after the entry deadline must be for injury, illness or personal emergency or the withdrawal will be classified as a default and carry with it sectional and/or national suspension points. You are not entitled to a refund beginning six days before the start of the event. If you do withdraw after entries have closed and are entitled to a refund, that refund must come from the tournament. The refund will be for the entry fee; you will not be refunded the Tennis Link User Fee. Your credit card will not be credited by Tennis Link.

Changing National Open Championship Site Preferences

If you are entered in a National Open Junior Championship AND REGISTRATION HAS NOT CLOSED, you may change your site preferences by going to the tournament home page for the set of National Opens. Once at the tournament home page, click on the "Change Site Preference" link on the side navigation bar to the left. You will need to enter the player's USTA number and the confirmation number given at the time of registration to make the change.

Changing Your Doubles Partner

IF REGISTRATION HAS NOT CLOSED, you may change your doubles partner online by withdrawing your existing doubles entry and entering with a new partner. See Withdrawing above and the IMPORTANT NOTE below.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you entered singles and doubles at the same time, you received one confirmation number for both entries. If you withdraw from the doubles and re-register with another partner, you will also be withdrawing from the singles, but not re-registering for the singles. You must be sure to also re-enter the singles in order to be registered for the singles tournament.

Why Don't My Entry Fees Add Up?

Your entry fees may not add up to what you expect for several reasons:

1. The USTA charges a $2.00 per player per event processing fee for the use of the Tennis Link Registration System. This amount is added into your total amount owed on the Cart Summary screen.

2. If you are entering a doubles event and there is a per person entry fee for doubles, the system will only charge you for your half of the entry fee unless you checked the box on the Choose Event page indicating that you want to pay for your doubles partner.

Tennis Link Customer Support

If you have any questions about registration, contact Tennis Link customer support at

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