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Middle States

USTA Middle States




2021 USTA Middle States Awards


Awards Category Descriptions



USTA Middle States is pleased to announce the 2021 USTA Middle States Section Award Recipients. The winners were chosen through a representation of USTA MS volunteers and staff, working together to compile nominations from each of the six Middle States districts: Allegheny Mountain (AMD), Central Pennsylvania (CPD), Delaware (DD), Eastern Pennsylvania (EPD), New Jersey (NJD) and the Philadelphia Area (PATD).


“We have an incredible group of awardees this year,” said USTA Middle States President Rebecca Halpern. These award winners have accomplished done wonderful things, even while facing the many challenges these last two years have presented. They truly deserve this recognition and we are very grateful for their outstanding contributions to the sport.”



Recipients are honored at their respective annual district award ceremonies, which occur at various times throughout the year. Please join us in congratulating this year's Middle States Section Award winners. 


USTA Middle States 2021 Section Award Winners

Adult Volunteer of the Year: Jim Flesch (DD)
Junior Volunteers of the Year: The Moutsatsos Brothers - Demetrios Moutsatsos (DD) & Constantine Moutsatsos (DD)
Edwin J. Faulkner College Coach Award: Jeremy Loomis (PATD)
Edwin J. Faulkner High School Coach Award: Brenda McBride (CPD)
Family of the Year: The Perkins Family (EPD)
Teaching Professional of the Year: Alejandro Justiniani (DD)
Tournament Director of the Year: Gary Cimperman (PATD)
Official of the Year: Bob Long (NJD)
Community Tennis Association of the Year: Highland Park Tennis Club (AMD)
Junior Team Tennis Organizer of the Year: Adam Kinsley (NJD)
Net Generation Award: Amanda Dion (PATD)
Presidential Service Award: Casey Thampoe (NJD)
Tennis Industry Initiative Award: Cruise Control Gear (NJD)


2021 Middle States Junior No. 1-Ranked Players

MS Boys 12s - Erik Schinnerer (CPD)
MS Girls 12s - Addison Lindsay (CPD)
MS Boys 14s - Zachary Cohen (PATD)
MS Girls 14s - Elizabeth Ionescu (CPD)
MS Boys 16s - Aaron Sandler (PATD)
MS Girls 16s - Luciana Perry (AMD)
MS Boys 18s - Eric Li (NJD)
MS Girls 18s - Amelia Honer (PATD)


2021 Middle States Junior Sportsmanship Award

MS Boys 12s - Anthony Kirchner (CPD)
MS Girls 12s - Advika Anand (PATD)
MS Boys 14s - John Gentek (NJD)
MS Girls 14s - Isabelle Emmanuel (PATD)
MS Boys 16s - David Lindsay (CPD)
MS Girls 16s - Alexandria Warsing (EPD)
MS Boys 18s - Alexander Sterin (PATD)
MS Girls 18s - Rebecca Fiedler (NJD)




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