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Introducing our 2022 Middle States Award Winners


USTA Middle States annually recognizes excellence in tennis. Middle States is proud to honor the volunteers, organizations, programs and members who have done an outstanding job on and off the court to help promote the growth of tennis. The winners are chosen through a representation of USTA MS volunteers and staff, working together to compile nominations from each of the six Middle States districts: Allegheny Mountain (AMD), Central Pennsylvania (CPD), Delaware (DD), Eastern Pennsylvania (EPD), New Jersey (NJD) and the Philadelphia Area (PATD). Recipients are honored at their respective annual district award ceremonies, which occur at various times throughout the year. Join us in congratulating our 2022 award winners below. 


USTA Middle States 2022 Section Award Winners

Adult Volunteer of the Year: Katherine Filer (NJD)
Junior Volunteers of the Year: Lexi Nydish, Lexi Frutkin & Jack Frutkin of Tennis Buddies Squad (PATD)
Edwin J. Faulkner College Coach Award: Mariana Freitas (EPD)
Edwin J. Faulkner High School Coach Award: Debra Gable (CPD)
Family of the Year: The Dash Family (PATD)
Teaching Professional of the Year: Stephanie Howard (NJD)
Tournament Director of the Year: Christopher Jones (DD)

Presidential Service Awards: Laura Canfield (PATD) & Sally Baird (PATD)

Net Generation Award: Sharon Kavanaugh (NJD)
JTT Organizer of the Year: Deb Hazlett (AMD)
Official of the Year: Joe McKeown (EPD)
Tennis Industry of the Year: JKST Gulph Mills (PATD)
NJTL Chapter of the Year: Reading Recreation Commission - COR Tennis (EPD)
Tennis On Campus Leaders of the Year: Jacob Lui (PATD) & Chris Elliott (PATD)


USTA Middle States Junior No. 1-Ranked Players 

MS Boys' 12s: Zesen Wang (CPD)
MS Girls' 12s: Grace Hong (NJD)
MS Boys' 14s:Owen Guistwite (CPD)
MS Girls' 14s: Capucine Jauffret (DD)
MS Boys' 16s: Kase Schinnerer (CPD)
MS Girls' 16s: Kayla Chung (PATD)
MS Boys' 18s: Alexander Sterin (PATD)
MS Girls' 18s: Esha Velaga (PATD)


USTA Middle States Junior Sportsmanship Award

MS Boys' 12s: Derek Yao (EPD)

MS Girls' 12s: Leighanne Chiong (CPD)
MS Boys' 14s: Anthony Kirchner (CPD)

MS Girls' 14s: Haley Hundley (AMD)  

MS Boys' 16s: Jonah Ng (AMD)

MS Girls' 16s: Leah Thomas (PATD)
MS Boys' 18s: Max Arkans (PATD)

MS Girls' 18s: Catherine Rabatin (CPD)


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