NJTL Founders' Service Award


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Any individual who meets the criteria and has not previously won is eligible for the award. The current NJTL Committee chairperson and vice chairperson are not eligible.



Persons must have promoted the principles of Arthur Ashe - including character and citizenship, demonstrated leadership skills in  youth development and made outstanding contributions to the development and/or sustainability of NJTL both locally and nationally. 



The nominee shall be nominated by a current USTA member, USTA volunteer, USTA Section or National Staff. The nominee / nominator must submit a narrative to the Selection Committee outlining how the candidate exemplifies the spirit of the award, including how many years the nominee has performed the service to NJTL, the quality of the service and the impact on others. Whenever possible, documentation to help the committee demonstrate the candidate's contribution will be considered, including articles, brochures, letters of support, resume or other informative documentation.


Follows the Fall Awards Timetable. See Awards homepage for standard timelines.



Greg Frias



This award was informed by NJTL’s 40th anniversary where the USTA Diversity department awarded the three founders with the inaugural USTA Breaking the Barriers Award.  



The NJTL Founders' Service Award was established to honor an individual who has promoted the principles of Arthur Ashe and who has made an outstanding contribution to the development and / or sustainability of NJTL both locally and nationally. 




2010  Barbara Wynne

2011  David N. Dinkins

2012  Not presented

2013  Skip Hartman

2014  Christine S. Beck

2015  Malivai Washington

2016  Cora Masters Barry

2017   Barbara Wynne

2018   Bert Cole

2019   Lendward "Lenny" Simpson

2020   Danice Brown    

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