Seniors' Service Award


The USTA Annual Meeting and Conference.



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A nominee must show willingness, cooperation and/or participation, either in play or organizational work to benefit and improve adult and/or senior tennis.



  • Application forms are sent by the USTA national office to the section offices for distribution.
  • The Adult Competition Committee selects the most deserving nominee. 



Follows the Spring Awards Timetable - see Awards homepage for the Standard Timelines.


Milagros Sequera Huss, staff member



A person involved in adult and/or senior tennis play, activity or organizational work.



A trophy for service to senior tennis is awarded each year to the person the USTA Seniors’ Committee deems most deserving of the respect and honor of all seniors.  It is awarded on the basis of the recipient’s willingness, cooperation, and participation, either in play or organizational work for the betterment and furtherance of senior competition.




1958       W. Dickson Cunningham 

1959       William L. Nassau Jr.

1960       Henry L. Benisch

1961       Dr. Irving Bricker

1962       Monte L. Ganger

1963       Caspar H. Nannes

1964       Joseph Lipshutz

1965       Gardnar Mulloy

1966       J. Clarence Davies Jr.

1967       C. Alphonso Smith

1968       Col. Nicholas E. Powel

1969       Robert L. Galloway

1970       E. Jefferson Mendel

1971       Emery Neale

1972       Alvin W. Bunis

1973       W.E. Hester Jr.

1974       Richard C. Sorlien

1975       Jay Freeman

1976       Henry Crawford

1977       Not Awarded

1978       L. Roe Campbell

1979       A.W. “Buck” Archer

1980       John Powless

1981       Leslie J. Fitz Gibbon

1982       A.L. Zerbe

1983       Not Awarded

1984       Jack Blanton Sr.

1985       Not Awarded

1986       Dr. Alfred Mills

1987       Carol Schneider

1988       Jack Geisel

1989       Not Awarded

1990       Dr. William R. Owen

1991       Mildred Southern

1992       Jane Taylor

1993       Marian Baird

1994       Arthur Rondeau

1995       Margaret L. Newfield

1996       Eleanor Swann

1997       Carol Wood

1998       Nancy Reed

1999       William J. Tully

2000       Ben T. Ball

2001       Ned Mansfield

2002       Art Russo

2003       Patricia Graham

2004       William J. Kellogg

2005       Kathleen Checket

2006       Eddie Williamson

2007       Percy Hughes

2008       Patricia Graham (posthumously)

2009       Kathy Langer

2010       Carolyn A. Nichols

2011       Alice Lee

2012       Irving Levine

2013       Richard Walther

2014       * not awarded due to change in timeline

2015       Connie R. Ebert

2016       David Sommer

2017        Steve Solomon

2018        David Carey  (posthumously) 

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