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USTA Northern

Hall of Fame

<h2>USTA Northern</h2>
<h1>Hall of Fame</h1>

Hall of Fame inductees are determined by the USTA Northern Awards & Recognition Committee which consists of Jay Pfaender (Chair), Marcia Bach (Hall of Famer), Chris Dummermuth (Hall of Famer), Heather LandrusBob Larson (Hall of Famer), Patrick Smith, Pam Boorsma (Board Liaison) and Sandy Smith (Staff Liaison). 

Game, Set, Honor

USTA Northern Awards and Hall of Fame Banquet

Thursday, Aug. 6, 2020

Metropolitan Ballroom, 5418 Wayzata Blvd., Golden Valley, MN


Nominations for the Class of 2020 Hall of Fame are now closed.


2020 Hall of Fame Inductees (view Section Award Winners here)


Edwin (Skip) Gage - Long Lake, MN (Nominated by Robert Oberrender)


Edwin “Skip” Gage started his journey in tennis on the public tennis courts of Evanston, IL as an accomplished junior player. He would go on to be a standout varsity player at Northwestern University before moving to Minnesota in the late 1960’s. ADVERTISEMENT There, he continued his devotion to the sport by continuing to play and joining the board of the Northwestern Tennis Patrons, now the InnerCity Tennis Foundation. 


Skip was a board member for more than 40 years. During his tenure, he served as board chair and Chair Emeritus of ICT, USTA Northern’s largest NJTL chapter. He worked for more than four decades as a volunteer to grow tennis in the Twin Cities and spent countless more hours fulfilling the mission of ICT through developing and unleashing youth potential on and off the tennis court.  


Under Skip’s leadership, the organization grew from a small group of philanthropists funding a handful of staff and volunteers operating summer youth tennis programming in a few city parks into a full-fledged,year-round social enterprise. 


ICT now has a 21-member board, eight standing committees, 20 full-time staff, 11 part-time staff, 60 summer coaches, and more than 250 regular volunteers, serving more than 5,400 area youth. Primarily focused on youth development, ICT also owns and operates the Reed Sweatt Family Tennis Center in South Minneapolis, which serves thousands of tennis playing patrons from the greater Twin Cities area. 


Additionally, Skip was responsible for raising a substantial portion of the funds required to build and sustain ICT over the past 40 years, including raising the funds needed to purchase new domes at the tennis center after they collapsed in 2010. 


This place in the Hall of Fame will be awarded posthumously. Edwin “Skip” Gage died on Feb. 26, 2020, at the age of 79.


Bruce Gullikson - Burnsville, MN (Nominated by Brad Madson)


Bruce has dedicated his life to playing, teaching and growing tennis. He currently serves as the Assistant Tennis Department Head Pro at Life Time Bloomington South and has worked there for 16 years. Bruce has taught full-time since 1989. 


He also currently serves as the President for the USPTA Northern Division, having previously served as Regional Vice President. In other posts, he has been a Northern Zonal Coach for 20 years, area training center coach (working with the best players in their age division to supplement coaching that they may already be receiving), High Performance Certified Coach and Etcheberry Certified Coach. To further promote the sport, he has produced five different instructional DVDs. On the lighter, entertaining side, Bruce is a columnist in Northern Exposure, USTA Northern’s print publication. He continues to speak at national conferences about the various aspects of running a successful tennis program. All told, more than 40 years of playing, coaching and advocacy for our sport, all with a bounce in his step and a commitment to creating enjoyable and meaningful experiences for the players spending their time with him on court.


Bruce is a longtime supporter of - and participant in - the Pine Tree Apple Tennis Classic that benefits children’s cancer research and has raised thousands of dollars in support of that cause.


In 2009, he received the USPTA Northern Service Award. Among other accomplishments and accolades, Bruce has won multiple Pro of the Year awards and has served USPTA Northern in a leadership capacity for more than a decade.




USTA Northern is actively looking for nominees from all tennis backgrounds for induction into its Hall of Fame.  Candidates can be players, administrators, teachers, coaches, media, volunteers, supporters, contributors, professional players, umpires, active members of USTA or CTAs, wheelchair or disabled athletes, USTA employees, club owners, Park & Recreation employees, among others. Candidates do not have to be living. We are looking for individuals from all over the Section which includes Minnesota, North and South Dakota and Northwestern Wisconsin.


What qualifies someone to receive consideration for the Hall of Fame?  These qualifications are only guidelines used by the committee. It is up to the discretion of the committee if an exception to the following qualifications is deemed appropriate.


1. Candidate is at least 45 years old. 

2. Candidate has lived in USTA Northern at least 5 years during their accomplishments.

3. Candidate’s past records, rankings, titles and his/her length of participation at the appropriate level of play in USTA Northern.

4. Candidate’s contribution to tennis in USTA Northern by his/her actions, deeds, promotion or dedication to the game.

5. Candidate’s affect on tennis at the National/International level through USTA participation and/or Professional or Collegiate activities.

6. Candidate’s affect on TENNIS in their locality (small or large) 

Candidates may have accomplishments in only one of these categories or in many of them.


For more information about USTA Northern's Awards program and to nominate someone for another award, visit our Awards page here.


USTA Northern Hall of Fame History


The USTA Northern Hall of Fame started as the Minnesota Hall of Fame back in 1979. Bob Larson, who was editor of Midwest Tennis Magazine and a resident of Edina, Minn., founded the Hall of Fame and inducted seven people in the original class including JJ Armstrong, Jeanne Arth, Ward C. Burton, Bill Kuross, Norm MacDonald, Muriel Magnusson Cooper and Frank Voigt.

In the late '80s, the Northwestern Tennis Association, Inc., approached Larson about the possibility of the Minnesota Hall of Fame expanding and becoming the Northwestern Tennis Association Hall of Fame, which would induct people not only from Minnesota, which had been the practice since 1979, but also players in North and South Dakota and Western Wisconsin. The Northwestern Tennis Association, Inc., then became the USTA Northern Section on March of 1988 and USTA Northern in 2005. The Hall of Fame changed its name both times as well.

The USTA Northern Hall of Fame currently has 110 members and is housed at the Fred Wells Tennis and Education Center in St. Paul, Minn., thanks to a generous gift from 2003 Hall of Fame inductee Fred Wells.


Members of the USTA Northern Hall of Fame

JJ Armstrong 1979
Jeanne Arth 1979
Ward C. Burton 1979
Bill Kuross 1979
Norm MacDonald 1979
Muriel Magnusson Cooper 1979
Frank Voigt 1979
Ken Boyum 1981
Wendell Ottum 1981
Robert Rockwell 1981
Rosemary Rockwell 1981
Joan Warner 1981
Jack Dow 1983
Jerry Noyce 1983
Jack Roach 1983
Justin Smith 1983
Steve Wilkinson 1983
Marvin Hanenberger 1985
Bucky Olson 1985
Harvey Ratner 1985
Marvin Wolfenson 1985
Marguerite Davis 1987
Lachlan Reed 1987
Al Teeter 1987
Dr. Bill Widen 1987
Ed Von Sien 1989
Ann Henricksson 1991
Pat Lamb 1991
David Nash 1991
Chuck Britzius 1993
David Healey 1993
Bob Larson 1993
Marnie Wheaton 1993
Ernie Greene 1997
Janet Marie Hoffman 1997
Les Johnson 1997
Janet Marie McCutcheon 1997
Howe Atwater 1998
John Mattke 1999
Wes Painter 1999
Jerry Pope 1999
Bill Schommer 1999
Charlie Boone 2001
Tim Butorac 2001
Connie Custodio 2001
Belmar Gunderson 2001
Don Hendrickson 2001
Cammy Johnson 2001
Fred King 2001
Greg Lappin 2001
Ellie Peden 2001
Betty Swanson 2001
Ric Yates 2001
Ron York 2001
John Adams 2002
Shirley Arth Loeding 2002
George Belden 2002
Don Grebin 2002
Helen Gruchalla 2002
Trafford Jayne 2002
Floyd "Lefty" Johnson 2002
Elisabeth Kesting Harris 2002
Warner McNair 2002
Gwendolyn Rees 2002
Horace Barton 2003
John Barton 2003
Peggy Brenden 2003
Percy Hughes 2003
Sandy Martin 2003
John Matlon 2003
Marion "Buck" Shane 2003
John Simko 2003
Phil Trautner 2003
Fred Wells 2003
Gregg Wong 2003
Phil Wooledge 2003
David Yorks 2003
Marjorie Champlin 2005
Steven Champlin 2005
David L. Weber 2005
David Wheaton 2005
Cliff Caine 2007
Dee Dolny 2007
Chris Dummermuth 2007
Bernard Gunderson 2007
Dave Mathews 2007
Jack Thommen 2007
Joan Baker 2009
Tom Fridinger 2009
Sue Gregor 2009
Ginger Helgeson Nielsen 2009
John King 2009
Dick Riley 2009
Thomas Boice 2011
John Desmond 2011
Nick Pappas 2011
Mary Thompson 2011
Greg Wicklund 2011
Marcia Bach 2013
Charles "Chuck" Darley 2013
Larry Dodge 2013
Susie Neet 2013
Bill Babcock 2015
Fred Budde 2015
John Mueller 2015
Steve Paulsen 2015
Timothy Burke 2017
Brent Frueh 2017
Hugh Curtler 2019
Larry Sundby 2019
Tim Wynne 2019
Tom Wynne 2019


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