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USTA Northern

2017-18 Committees

March 20, 2017
<h2>USTA Northern</h2>
<h1>2017-18 Committees</h1>

USTA Northern is a volunteer organization made up of committees to help promote and develop the game of tennis. The primary roles of a committee member include:

     1. Recommending ideas, thoughts and changes to Committee Chair, Board and Staff Liaison on any new or existing programs, services or initiatives the Committee oversee.

     2. Review, monitor and evaluate those programs and activities connected to Committee duties to ensure the Committee, Board and Staff Liaison meet its goals.

     3. Work together with volunteers and staff in the spirit of cooperation and teamwork.

Committee members volunteer for a two-year term starting on January 1, 2017.


2017-18 USTA Northern Committees

Adult Leagues Committee
Charge: To recommend, support and promote recreational and competitive league team opportunities that motivate and encourage adult players to become frequent tennis players.


 Jim Marolt
Staff Liaison: Nancy Lundberg, Kelley Okerman
Board Liaison: Dipu Rahman
Members: Carter Bayne, Chris Bushaw, Rick Lassow, Patrick Ledray, Timothy Magnuson, Leslie Nicholson, John Pratt, Kim Wolson

Adult League Self-Rate Appeals Committee
Charge: To ensure that self-rate appeals granted are consistent with the intent of the General and Experienced Player Guidelines and NTRP Guidebook. To document, in writing, certain decision and rationale for granting self-rate appeals.

 Mary McDonald
Staff Liaison: Nancy Lundberg
Board Liaison: Pam Boorsma
Members: Helen Gunther, Leslie Nicholson

Adult League Medical Review Committee
Charge: To review each formal written request from a player for reconsideration of his/her NTRP Rating based on a permanent, disabling injury or illness.

Chair: Annie Burton, M.D.
Staff Liaison: Nancy Lundberg
Board Liaison: Christine Horton
Members: Michele Hanson, M.D., Natasha Petry, Mike Vidmar

Adult League & Tournament Grievance Committee
Charge: To fairly adjudicate section level grievances arising out of the USTA League program.

Chair: Larry Baill
Staff Liaison: Nancy Lundberg
Board Liaison: David Fishbaine
Members: Kayla Flynn, Janet Gunderson-Powers, Kevin Hamlin, Jill Hofacker-Williams, Rebecca Johnson, Andrew Mushett, Lucy Nandy, John Niedfeldt-Thomas

Adult Leagues & Tournaments Grievance Appeals Committee
Charge: To fairly adjudicate section level grievance appeals arising out of the USTA League program and USTA Adult Tournaments.

Chair:  Roshan Rajkumar
Staff Liaison: Nancy Lundberg
Members: Kathy Lundberg, Brian McCoy

CTA/NJTL Committee
Charge: To create, develop and strengthen a section-wide network of self-sufficient Community Tennis Associations (CTA) and National Junior Tennis and Learning (NJTL) to increase tennis participation at the local level.

 Becky Cantellano
Staff Liaison: TBD
Board Liaison: Susan Allen
Members: Kevin Allan, Jessie Daw, Sue Gregor, Jon Pickett, Sadie Reiners, Bill Stelle

Grants Committee
Charge: To evaluate and improve grant procedurres, review applications and thoughtfully allocate appropriate funding to community programs and facilities based on set criteria, section priorities and need. 

 Sue Gregor
Staff Liaison: TBD
Board Liaison: Brian McCoy
Members: Marcia Bach, Thomas Chacko, Joyce Gavino, Neal Hagberg, Tracy Petersen, Mary Thompson

Diversity and Inclusion Committee
Charge: To advise and support staff and volunteers at all levels with promoting and expanding diversity and inclusion as integral parts in all facets of our organization as well as tennis programs throughout the section.

 Jessie Daw
Staff Liaison: Mya Smith-Dennis
Board Liaison: Andrew Holm
Members: Kye Allums, Mehdi Benyebka, Padma Beravole, Kelley Nelson, Francois Nguyen, Andres Osorio, Michael Parker, Scott Raver, Tina San Miguel, Lisa Stockmo, Fuyei Xaykaothao

Junior Competition Committee
Charge: To promote and address all activities associated with junior competition, to find ways to increase participation in all junior competition events and to recommend and implement improvements to increase tournament play which hopefully will serve to motivate and encourage junior players of various abilities to develop to the highest competitive level possible.

 Scott Boyer
Staff Liaison: Pat Colbert
Board Liaison: Lars Ranger
Members: Kathy Alex, Ivan Brown, Jaime Chapman, Kayla Flynn, Anne Gorde, Craig Gordon, Jack Hamburg, Mason Hemmer, Ben Maes, Mary Park, Felicia Raschiatore, Sandra Sherbarth-Lynch, Rich Trella

Junior Player ID Committee
Charge: To identify players for the Sectional Training camps and coaching education. 

Chair: Steve Tacl
Staff Liaison: Pat Colbert
Board Liaison: Justin Gaard
Members: Julie Bowles, Craig Gordon, Justin Jennings, Danny Kantar, Ben Maes, Viet Pham, Kevin Plank, Kris Premo, Felicia Raschiatore, Michael Sicora, Clay Sollenberger, Mark Vellek, Sion Wilkins

Junior Team Tennis Committee
Charge: To assist in the section’s efforts to provide increased play opportunities for all junior players by increasing the awareness, demand, and preference for USTA Junior Team Tennis amongst junior players for the purpose of driving participation and membership.

 Jenny Arnfelt
Staff Liaison: Brandon Jackson
Board Liaison: Matt Boughton
Members: Mary McDonald, Jon Pickett, Sadie Reiners, Lisa Salo, Scott Sundstrom, Jeremy Thompson

Finance-Related Committees 
Charge: To direct the stewardship of the Corporations' assets and resources in the areas of budgeting, compensation, investments and overseeing an independent auditor.

Audit Committee
Chair: Julie Whitaker
Staff Liaisons: James Poehler
Members: Liz Hamburg, Matt Boughton, Pam Boorsma

Budget Committee
Chair: Julie Whitaker
Staff Liaisons: James Poehler
Members: Andrew Holm, Matt Boughton, Scott Boyer, Susan Kringlie, Jessie Daw, Dave Fishbaine

Compensation Committee
Chair: Susan Kringlie
Staff Liaison: TBD
Members: Liz Hamburg, Kathy Lundberg, Scott Boyer, Julie Whitaker, Matt Boughton

Investment Committee
Chair: Kathy Lundberg
Staff Liaisons: James Poehler
Members: Liz Hamburg, Matt Boughton, Dipu Rahman

Section Grievance Committee

Charge: It shall operate under the rules and regulations of the Grievance Committee Policy Charter.
Chair: Roshan Rajkumar
Staff Liaison: TBD
Members: Steve Champlin, Kathy Lundberg

Officials Committee
Charge: To advise and support staff and volunteers at all levels with promoting and expanding our officials initiatives which include assignments, recruitment, evaluation and training. 

 Kristi Bushinski
Staff Liaison: Rumeal Setts
Board Liaison: David Fishbaine
Members: Richard Arians, Terri Blando, Joe Boyer, Christopher Grant, Anna Lyon, Chris Repplier

Hall of Fame Committee
Charge: To recognize those individuals who have made outstanding contributions to tennis both on and off the court in the Section over an extended period of time. 

 David Yorks
Staff Liaison: Lisa Mushett
Board Liaison: Susan Allen
Members: Marcia Bach, Sue Gregor, Bob Larson, Dick Riley, Mary Thompson

Awards Committee
Charge: To assure that deserving members of the tennis community receive recognition for their tennis achievements.

 Jay Pfaender
Staff Liaison: Lisa Mushett
Board Liaison: Susan Kringlie
Members: Pam Boorsma, Deborah Ely-Lawrence, Sue Gregor, Cory Kotlarz, Thomas Krueger, Heather Landrus, Ajay Singh, Mary Thompson, Mike Vidmar, Eric Weisser

Serving Up Love
Charge: To provide resources and financial support to young people in need who have the dreams, the goals, and the desire to succeed both on and off the court.

Chair: Alex Scheglowski
Staff Liaisons: Sandy Smith
Board Liaison: Christine Horton
Members: Jamie Chapman, Joyce Gavino, Katie Hiller, Sara Hong, David Lachman, Amy Lamparske, Michael Parker, Lisa Proepper 


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