Breaking the Barriers ¡Vive el Tenis!

Chapter Three: ¡Vive el Tenis!/2014


To complement an older national traveling exhibit, called ¡Vive El Tenis!: Common Threads Different Peoples, created in 2006 by the International Tennis Hall of Fame located in Rhode Island, USTA Colorado created a local project devoted to showcasing Hispanic players, contributors, coaches and pioneers from Colorado.


The national exhibit explores how tennis has evolved from its European roots to become a sport enjoyed by cultures across the globe, in particular, examining the links between US tennis and tennis practiced in Hispanic-populated regions like South and Central America, Mexico and the Caribbean.


Through its intimate approach, the USTA Colorado project which operates on a micro level by featuring active local “history-makers” that fellow Colorado residents can recognize, the Hall of Fame exhibit applies a wider lens to the racial theme, featuring retired champions along with tennis stars from past eras. 

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Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer Barry Gutierrez has been the visionary behind the lens for all three Breaking the Barriers projects. 


The third, entitled ¡Vive el Tenis!, depicts local Hispanic and Latino contributors, pioneers and rising stars surrounded by their families, community and teammates/colleagues in an illustration of familia, a guiding theme for the portraits that resonates with the family-oriented Latino culture.


The Hall of Fame's traveling exhibit was on loan to USTA Colorado during September 2014, and appeared alongside the ¡Vive el Tenis! Portrait Series at the Webb Municipal Building Atrium.

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