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Middle States Leadership

2023-24 Middle States Leadership: Board of Directors and District Councils

We are excited to welcome our new Board of Directors and District Council members for the 2023-24 term. Our Middle States Board of Directors & District Councils consists of volunteers who are responsible for the direction of the affairs of the Section & District. Board Members serve two-year terms and participate in National meetings as well as lead Committees and Project Teams.


Board of Directors: 


President: Nancy Wilkins (NJD)

Sr. Vice President: Ryan Knarr (EPD)

Treasurer: Larry Mulligan-Gibbs (PATD)

Secretary: Pam Rende (PATD)

Sectional Delegate: Rebecca Halpern (PATD)


AMD Delegate: Janis Finn (AMD)

CPD Delegate: Melissa Landis (CPD)

DD Delegate: Alex Justiniani (DD)

EPD Delegate: Christie Bower (EPD)

NJD Delegate: Arvind Aravindhan (PATD)

PATD Delegate: Justin DePietropaolo (PATD)


Director At Large: Chanel Brown (PATD)

Director At Large: Deb Hazlett (AMD)

Director At Large: Keith Mahaffey (CPD)

Director At Large: Walter Robinson (PATD)

Director At Large: Harry Shur (DD)


Presidential Appointee: Jack Keller (NJD)

Presidential Appointee: Gina Pileggi (NJD)


2025-26 Nominating Committee

Chair: Wilson Pipkin (CPD)

Vice Chair: Rebecca Halpern (PATD)

Member: David Killian (PATD)

Member: Cindy Mable (CPD)

Member: Malcolm Riley (PATD)



District Councils:


Allegheny Mountain District

Janis Finn: Chair

Mike Lucente: Vice Chair

Izzy Hortman: Recorder

Doug Wolf: Budget & Finance

Frances Lewis: Diversity & Inclusion

Additional Members: Jim Block, Roger Davis, Nick Kshatri, Lori Sabatose

Central Pennsylvania District

Alicia Von Lossberg: Chair

Karen Hooker: Vice Chair

Holly Metzger-Brown: Recorder

Marla Triano: Budget & Finance

Melissa Landis: Diversity & Inclusion


Additional Members: Zoe Cykosky, Gregg Pearson, 

Gurpreet Singh, Kathy Trapp, Noelle Vahanian, Gus Pilarte, Ben Zink

Delaware District

Tim Fitzgerald: Chair

Paul Miller: Vice Chair

Tonya Jenkins: Recorder

Chris Popescu: Budget & Finance

Harry Shur: Diversity & Inclusion


Additional Members: Ed Burks, Roger Coffin, Christy Fleming,

Iris Gopez, Beth Hyland, Cathy Jackson, Alex Justiniani,

Jared Klose, Bill Larson (Past Chair), Kim McFadden,

Xavier Vazquez

Eastern Pennsylvania District 

Marie Johns McCall: Chair

Nastashia DeNunzio: Vice Chair

Jennifer Everett: Recorder

Christie Bower: Budget & Finance

Maia Knowles: Diversity & Inclusion


Additional Members: Chris Conrad, Fred Hockenbury, Ann Hugosson,

Stacey Jarrell, Holly Petro, Martha Willis, Candace Young, Marina Zardet



New Jersey District 

Jennifer Leighton: Chair

Dan Khoo: Vice Chair

Sue Gallagher: Recorder

Stacey Medeiros: Budget & Finance

Christine Ferrara: Diversity & Inclusion


Additional Members: Michelle Emerson, Adam Kinsley,

Nancy Nicola, Ray Postadam, Lee Altman Spear, Claire Walton

Philadelphia Area District 

Walter Robinson: Chair

Pam Rende: Vice Chair

Andrew Finkle: Recorder

Lauren Park: Budget & Finance

Katie Bruton: Diversity & Inclusion


Additional Members: Emily Cruz-Pineda, Justin DePietropaolo 

(Past Chair), Becky Desmond, Alan Garabedian, Emily Knight, 

Gena Maresca, Kitty Perrin, Cliff Raben, Rose Weinstein


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