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Northern California

USTA Northern California Section Office

Golden Gate Bridge over the water in San Francisco

1920 North Loop Road, Alameda, CA 94502-8018
Phone: 510-748-7373

Office Hours: Monday - Friday: 9:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.  *We're working remotely through the pandemic.



Operations & Strategy

Summer Verhoeven

Executive Director, 1-510-748-7346


Darren Wenger

Director of Operations and Strategy, 1-510-263-0467


Rose Aguilar

Controller, 1-510-748-7349


Tammy Peterson

Operations and Administrative Coordinator, 1-510-263-0478


Bill Weber

Business Data Specialist, 1-510-263-0470


Adult Competition

Cherryl Silva

Adult Tournaments Manager,  1-510-948-8794; 1-510-224-7304 


Michelle Wilson

Adult Leagues Manager, 1-510-263-0446


Mike Lim

Adult Leagues Specialist, 1-510-263-0444


Sam Gaeddert

Adult Leagues Specialist, 1-510-748-7341


Beth Workeneh

Adult Leagues Specialist, 1-510-263-0466


Joanna Broda-Schunck

Adult Leagues Coordinator, 1-510-263-0443



Martin Borjas

Adult Leagues Coordinator, 1-510-263-0440


Brandy Guillen

Adult Leagues Project Consultant, 1-510-263-0442


Junior Competition

Tommy Tu

Junior Tournaments Manager, 1-510-263-0447


Chris Samuel
Net Generation Programs Manager, 1-510-263-0463


Trey Astbury

Junior Competition Specialist, 1-510-263-0468


Macy Barajas

Junior Competition Specialist,  1-510-263-0465


Junior Team Tennis Staff


Chris Wilson

Officials, Referee & Sportsmanship Coordinator, 1-510-263-0460


Community Programs

Keith Adams

Community Program Representative, 1-408-209-9888


Christy Perez

Community Program Representative, 1-916-990-4438


Troy Rondeau

Community Program Representative, 1-510-263-0471


Charrisha Watkins           
Community Program Representative, 1-301-335-9870



Rebecca Bauer

Content Marketing Strategist, 1-510-263-0448


Lani-Rae Green

Social Media Specialist, 1-510-263-0479 



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