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Volunteer Opportunities

USTA NorCal is dedicated to promoting and growing the game of tennis across our Northern California community, and volunteering is a vital part of our mission. If you love tennis and want to help us strengthen community participation, there are many volunteer opportunities across our programs for you to join including, promoting fair tennis play for both adults and youth, assistance with tournaments and events, or joining one of the many committees that support the various product lines we provide to our tennis community. See below for the different volunteer opportunities available.


If you have general questions on volunteering at USTA NorCal, please contact Tammy Peterson or call (510) 748-7373 and she will connect you with the right tools to get you started.


Thanks for your interest in volunteering with USTA NorCal!


A Local Area Coordinator (LAC) is a volunteer position that serves the USTA NorCal Adult Leagues. The LAC is the primary contact person for the Adult League captains and players throughout Northern California and assists with understanding and implementing the USTA rules and Local League Area Regulations. LACs are available for questions, suggestions, and help solve problems at the grassroots level. They assist players in finding a team, help captains put together teams, and also initiate new teams. LACs also work at the Adult Leagues championship events throughout the year. They also work closely with USTA Norcal staff on various Adult League issues. Learn more here, or if you are interested in becoming an LAC, submit a quick interest form here.

Court Monitors help grow the game of tennis and see some good matches while doing so. They support an event by working with the umpires to keep matches moving along and help ensure fair and sportsmanlike play. Interested in being a Court Monitor? Register here. Please contact Michelle Wilson with any questions. 

Play Monitor volunteers have an integral role in creating a fun and engaging environment for kids just beginning their tennis journey. These volunteers support the event experience in important ways that help develop the overall youth player and make sure they have a positive and fun experience. Your efforts set the stage for players to continue to make tennis part of their active lifestyle! Ready to become a Play Monitor?  Click here to learn more or fill out a quick interest form here

We are always on the lookout for volunteers to help out at local tournaments and events throughout the year. NorCal hosts several annual events and tournaments each year. If you are interested in learning more or joining our Volunteer program, contact Tammy Peterson.

The fundamental role of each USTA NorCal committee is to support the USTA NorCal Section with its mission “to promote and develop the growth of tennis as an inclusive and inviting lifetime activity in the Northern California section.” Committees provide additional assistance to the USTA NorCal staff in developing ideas, making connections with our players, and promoting and evangelizing tennis in Northern California. Interested in joining a USTA NorCal Committee? Please take a moment to complete this online form and submit your interest.

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