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Your opportunity to help shape the growth of tennis in Northern California as a USTA NorCal Volunteer Committee Member in 2020 awaits. All are welcome - APPLY HERE.

Northern California

USTA Northern California Committees

January 13, 2020
<h2>USTA Northern California Committees</h2>

USTA Northern California Committee

USTA NorCal has created a volunteer registration system that will allow us to better understand our volunteers and their qualifications for service on a section committee.


The President of the Board of Directors, Kevin Pope, requests that anyone who wishes to be considered for a NorCal committee in 2020, including if you have served on a committee in 2018, please fill out a short questionnaire. Click here to view


Adult Leagues Committee

The Adult League Committee is responsible for overseeing the USTA League program in Northern California. The goals of the committee include maintaining and growing league participation by emphasizing fair and consistent programs across all 17 local areas in the section. The committee is comprised of 13 members, who are selected based upon the following criteria: played leagues, variety of experiences with leagues, shown interest, background of tennis pro/club experience, and or legal background. ADVERTISEMENT All come with something to share and to broaden the prospective of the committee. The committee usually meets on the second Wednesday of each month, in person at 6:30 p.m. at the NorCal office: 1920 North Loop road, in Alameda. For more information please email Shelby Payne at


Members: Anoosh Davoudzadeh, James Swansiger, Jeff Birkenseer, Jennifer Gardner-Wang, Kristin Ginn, Leslie Johnson, Lisa Liang, Reno Davenport, Steven Gill, Tammie Snyder, Teresa King, Staff Liaison: Shelby Payne, Chair: TBD.

Meeting Agenda and Minutes:

2019: 2/6 4/3 6/5 6/5

2018: 3/7 5/2 6/6 9/19 11/7

2017: 3/8 5/10 6/14 9/20 11/8

2016: 2/10 3/9 5/11 6/8 9/14 11/9


Advisory Director

Michael Cooke, Advisory Director, Larry Olmstead, Advisory Director


Budget and Finance Committee

Margie Campbell, Member, Michael Cooke, Member, Christine Costamanga, Member, Alvin Hom, Member, Steve Leube, Staff Liaison, Kornell Meyer, Staff Liaison, Linda Peltz, Member, Pamela Sloan, Member, Jack Walker, Chair

Meeting Agenda and Minutes:

2018: 4/24

2017: 9/26

2016: 9/27


Constitution and Rules Committee

Margie Campbell, Member, Steve A Leube, Staff Liaison, Pamela J Sloan, Chair, Les Hausrath, Member, Andrea Norman, Member

2018: 8/2


Executive Committee

Gordon J Collins, Secretary, Steve A Leube, Staff Liaison, Jack Walker, Treasurer, Alvin D Hom, Chair, President, Linda G Peltz, Vice President


Investment Committee

Nancy DeSchane, Mike Cooke, Jack Walker, Robert Peltz, Steve Leube, Kornell Meyer, Alvin Hom

Meeting Agenda and Minutes:

2018: 10/15


Junior Council Committee

Josh Conlin, Chair, Craig Pasqua, Member, Val Ovrootsky, Member, Helen Potter, Member, Ray Bilsey, Member, Marty Collins, Member, Doug Nau, Member, Mike Jizmejian, Member, Dave Zamarripa, Member, Mike Houston, Member, Tommy Tu, Staff Liaison

Meeting Agenda and Minutes

2019: 2/7 3/27

2018: 2/12 3/6 4/9

2017: 4/3 5/2 11/7

2016: 3/21 4/11 11/1


Leagues Medical Appeals

Lois Anne Indorf, Member, Edith Jackson, Member, Linda G Peltz, Chair, Samuel Pleasure, Member, June Ong, Member, Alisa M Yee, Member


Marketing and Membership Committee

Garry D Wyndham, Chair, Elaine Sullivan-Digre, Member, Douglas Hurrell, Member, Jeanne Alford, Member, Scott Minor, Member, Kathryn Reed, Non Voting Sub Comm, John Franco, Staff Liaison

Meeting Agenda and Minutes:

2018: 3/8 5/14

2016: 1/26


NorCal Tennis Foundation Grants Committee

Carl Mendoza, Member, Dennis Delee, Member, Ed Mosbaugh, Member, Thad Howard, Member, Paul Durta, Member, Alison Vidal, Staff Liaison

Meeting Agenda and Minutes:

2018: 5/7

R.O.G.Y. Development Committee

Andrea Barnes, Co-Chair; Thaddeus Buurkari, Co-Chair; Summer Verhoeven, Staff Liason


Sportmanship Committee

Suzanne Cossette, Member, Amina D Halsey, Member, Jeff Sherman, Member, Michelle Wilson, Staff Liaison, Christine Costamagna, Member, Bill Johnston, Chair, Marilyn Morrell-Kristal, Member, Christopher  Wilson, Vice Chair, Jeff Irwin, Member, Lorraine Randall, Member, Mark Fairchilds, Member, Sandra Tompkins, Member

Meeting Agenda and Minutes:

2019: 3/7

2018: 2/22

2017: 4/18

2016: 3/3 5/31


Tennis On Campus Committee

Sabrina Scholten, Committee Chair, UC Davis, Keeler Karwin, member, Sacramento State, Alex Aichinger, member, San Francisco State, Michael Karachewski, member, Santa Clara University, Chane Cilliers, member, St. Mary’s, Kevin Haugh, member, Stanford, Shirley Chen, member, Stanford, Jeff Wu, member, University of Pacific, Anthony Busacca, member, Berkeley, Cindy Liu, member, Berkeley, William Sampson, member, UC Davis, Joshua Esparza, member, UC Merced, Maia Hoffman, member, UC Santa Cruz, Kyra Fitz, member, UC Santa Cruz, Francesco Nguyen, member, UC San Francisco, Kathleen Wright, member, University of Nevada, Reno, Victoria Wade, member, USF, DeDee Winfield, Staff Liaison 

Meeting Agenda and Minutes:

2018: 2/15 9/4

2017: 1/5 8/22

2016: 1/11 5/23 9/8 10/25


Volunteer Development Committee

Elizabeth K Brook, Member, Elizabeth Cookson, Member, Alvin D Hom, Member, Linda G Peltz, Chair, Terri A Coleman, Member, Mike M Dickey, Member, Steve A Leube, Staff Liaison, Pamela J Sloan, Member


Adult Tournament Committee

Joanna Broda-Schunck, Member, Elizabeth Cookson, Member, Christine Costamagna, Vice Chair, Mark Fairchilds, Member, Amina D Halsey, Member, Scott Howard, Member John S Togasaki, Member, Steven F Cornell, Chair, Anna Elefant, Member, Michelle Wilson, Staff Liaison, Ray Rockwell, Member, Bryan Welsh, Member

Meeting Agenda and Minutes:

2019: 2/4 3/4 5/6 6/3 8/5 10/3 11/18

2018: 2/5 4/9 6/11 8/6 11/5 11/28

2017: 4/6 6/5 10/2 11/13 12/4

2016: 3/30 6/6 8/8 11/14


Awards Committee

Elizabeth Cookson, Member, Steve A Leube, Staff Liaison, Donald A Jacobus, Linda G Peltz, Chair


Coaches Commission

Doug Atkinson, Member; Rosie Bareis, Chair;  Andrea Barnes, Member; Gordon Collins, Member; Steve Devries, Member; Todd Dissly, Member; Michael Erwin, Member; Joseph Gilbert, Member; John Hubbell, Member; Tang Lu, Member; Byron F. Nepomuceno, Member; Ogidi Obi, Member; Alex Poorta, Member; Summer Verhoeven, Staff Liason; Willliam Weber, Member; Carrie Zarraonandia, Member. 


Diversity Committee

Craig Pasqua, Committee Chair; Martha Ehrenfeld, Member; Vince Owens, Member;  Carl Mendoza, Member; Darren Moore, Member; Rosalyn Moya, Member; Patty Nuñez, Member, Silvia Dueñas-Bielser, Staff Liaison

Meeting Agenda and Minutes:

2020: 2/3

2019: 1/7 2/11 7/15 11/4

2018: 1/8 3/5 4/2 5/7 6/4 10/15 12/3

2017: 3/13 4/3 5/9 6/5 7/10 9/13 10/2 11/6 12/4

2016: 1/11 2/1 3/7 4/11 5/2 6/6 7/11 9/12 10/3 12/5


IT Committee

Todd Conley, Staff Liaison, Steve A Leube, Staff Liaison, Jack Walker, Member, Mike M Dickey, Member, Sarah Robinson, Member

Meeting Agenda and Minutes:

2016: 9/14 11/16 12/12


Junior Team Tennis Committee

Kevin Craig, Chair, Darren Wenger, Staff Liaison, Gene Fortino, Member, Jim Swansiger, Member, Bob Heeter, Member, Kendra Pacheco, Member

Meeting Agenda and Minutes:

2019: 2/5

2018:  1/19 2/2 2/11 4/3 12/3

2017:  5/5

2016: 1/15 3/18 4/8 8/25 10/7 11/4


Leagues NTRP Grievance Committee

Erin Callahan, Member, Nick Kim, Member, Thomas A McTighe, Member, Barby R Pickett, Chair, Jeff Williams, Member, Christopher Chen, Member, Lori S Macpherson, Member, Andrew Naito, Member, Kathryn M Reed, Member


Nomination/Election Committee

Andrea Barnes, Chair, Bill Johnston, Member, Craig Pasqua, Member, Jeffrey H Heely, Member, Steve A Leube, Staff Liaison, Dale M Russell, Member


Sanction and Schedule Committee

Jason Scalese, Chair, Christine Costamagna, Member, Dale Evans, Member, Kevin Craig, Member, Dave Zamarripa, Member, Tommy Tu, Staff Liaison

Meeting Agenda and Minutes:

2019: 1/10 1/16 2/13 3/27 5/21

2018: 1/10 3/26 5/23  8/9 8/16 9/12

2017: 2/27 4/3 8/9 8/10 8/12 8/21 11/15

2016: 2/22 6/20 9/13 10/19 10/26


Strategic Planning Committee

Rosie H Bareis, Member, Michael Cooke, Member, Mike M Dickey, Member, Steve A Leube, Staff Liaison, Dan Stokes, Member, Margie Campbell, Member, Terry J Cossette, Member, Alvin D Hom, Chair, Linda G Peltz, Member, Jack Walker, Member


Umpire and Referee Committee

Russell Groh, Member, Steve A Leube, Staff Liaison, Christian F Preston, Member, Christopher Wilson, Chair, Thomas A McTighe, Member, Joan M Vormbaum, Member, John Wong, Member

Meeting Agenda and Minutes:

2018: 5/9 12/4

2017: 5/25 12/5

2016: 6/2 12/12


Wheelchair Committee

Christy Perez, Staff Liaison, Alison Vidal, David VanBrunt, Donald Bearden, Marian Thompson, Michael Yousefi, Tiana Ignacio, Marcus Causton, Sandy Kazanjian-Gostanian

Meeting Agenda and Minutes:

2018: 3/13

2016: 5/3


Copyright © 2017 United States Tennis Association of Northern California


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