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A Family Affair

Giuliana Olmos is a professional tennis player ranked 349 in the world in singles and 65 in the world doubles. A 26 years old Fremont native, Giuliana played for the University of Southern California in college before going on the pro circuit for the last four years. The oldest of three girls, tennis has been a common thread as both her sisters, Sarah and Zoe also play tennis. A common ground for the family, the sisters talk about what tennis has meant to them and how tennis fits in their lives.

Guliana and Sarah at the US Open


From Guliana:


I grew up playing tennis in Fremont, CA, and played a lot of USTA Norcal tennis tournaments growing up. I have two younger sisters (twins) and we all grew up playing together. We have an almost nine-year gap, but since they were young, I would take my sisters to the courts and play tennis with them. We would go a couple of times a week to a local high school to play and we would bring a speaker to make it more fun. Despite our age gap, tennis has brought us closer together. 


Once my sisters started playing tournaments, tennis became even more fun. We really enjoyed going to tournaments together and supporting each other; we were our own little team. My sisters always tagged along at my tournaments so when they were old enough to play, I loved tagging along with them and watching them compete. They gave up a lot of weekends to come support me at my tournaments so it was my turn to do the same. I travel a lot now playing tennis professionally but, when I can, I always do my best to watch my sisters play. 


Recently, I played a professional tournament in Berkeley, CA, and one of my sisters, Sarah, was free so she came to the tournament with me every day. We practiced together and she warmed me up for all my matches, which made for a fun week. It was a special week for me because I got to play at home, stay at home, and one of my sisters was able to be there all week. I travel alone a lot so having one of my sisters there with me was a lot of fun and brought us closer. We were able to spend a lot of quality time together and our tennis made that possible.


Tennis has brought me a lot closer to my sisters and I enjoy watching them practice, compete, and win because I know the hard work it takes to get there. Now that we’re all a little older, we can practice together and push each other to get better and that makes it more enjoyable too. Later this week, my sisters and I are headed to the US Open where I will be playing doubles. I am excited we can all go together to experience our first Grand Slam together, as well as train together and enjoy the atmosphere there. Tennis has definitely brought us closer together and I am happy we all have something in common that we can bond over and that we can do our entire life.



From Sarah:


My name is Sarah Olmos. I have two other sisters, Zoe and Gugu. Zoe and I have always been close, considering we are twins, however Gugu (Giuliana) and I have had a different relationship. Having a nearly nine-year age gap made it a lot harder to have things in common with your older sister. Tennis was one of the few things we truly had in common growing up and I’m glad for it. 


Growing up, I often tagged along to Gugu’s tournaments and supported her. Once I was old enough to start playing tournaments, she was kind enough to do the same despite having a busy schedule. Now that I am older, I can keep up with Gugu and I get to hit with her whenever we have a chance. Recently, Gugu played a tournament here in Berkeley and I was able to tag along with her once again. However, this time I warmed her up for her matches. Hanging out with her throughout that tournament is what really helped us bond as sisters. From jamming in the car on the way to the courts, to helping her warm up and cheering her on from sidelines, tennis is what really brought us together as sisters. 


Our relationship has come a long way from supporting her at junior tournaments, to getting the opportunity to fly to New York to watch her play at US Open for the first time. Not only has tennis impacted our relationship, but it has also given me an insight of the life of a professional tennis player. It has shown me that, although it may seem fun with all the traveling, several hours of hard work and sacrifices have been made to compete against the top players. Having an older sister playing professional tennis really taught me that there is a lot more going on behind the scenes than just showing up and competing. 


I often thank this sport for bringing me and my sisters closer together. With our age gap being nearly nine years, this sport has made it much easier to bond with her. I am excited to go to the US Open and be with her once again.


Zoe and Guliana bonding on center court at the US Open
The Olmos ladies cheesing it up at the US Open