San Diego State University 

The San Diego State University Hospitality and Tourism (HTM) Master’s Program is a leadership development program designed for busy working professionals from all over the world and delivered online in a small class setting, with one-week meet-ups on SDSU’s campus to both start and finish the program.

HTM Master’s courses are recorded weekly by SDSU professors and personalized to student’s specific aspirations and activities. All of the program’s courses are tailored to real-world applications that can be applied the next day in your office -- or on the court.

The curriculum is a combination of foundational business acumen and innovational thinking that is changing the way businesses function, grow, and thrive. The coursework amounts to a challenging but manageable 10-12 hours per week of reading, assignments, and forum discussions. Projects are geared toward real-word applications that provide much more than a letter grade as an outcome.

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