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Kent Oswald | May 27, 2020

At the introductory levels of the game, we teach sportsmanship. At the highest levels of pro tennis, we see this translating to respect between rivals. This is one lesson that shows how the tennis community is all together in this game for a lifetime.


In this sport, we are, clearly, a community. But beyond that, we’re actually many communities within our overall tennis industry. And to support our own hometown community, let’s make sure we buy our tennis local.


Slowly, our courts and facilities are opening up in many areas around the country. But tennis teaching pros, retailers and facilities are struggling, and will continue to face many challenges for some time to come.  

Why not help out your favorite teaching pro by prepaying for lessons? Or how about booking future court time now so your club or facility has a bit of cash on hand to help them keep things running? How about buying gift cards from the local specialty tennis retailer or stringer, to help their cash flow now and ensure they’ll be able to bring you the care and support your game needs when you’re able to return to play? If it works for you, maybe those gift cards you buy can be shared with service workers or local juniors or others in the tennis community who may be in need. And in addition to monetary support, we all can work together to put out messages on social media supporting and recognizing community members, organizations, tennis companies and facilities. 


Much has been made of how more purchases have moved online, and how big-box stores have remained open throughout this pandemic as “essential” businesses, yet are also taking away sales that normally would go to our local tennis retailers. 


Soon, we’ll all be back on court. But for right now, let’s get back in the habit of shopping local and small when it comes to our tennis community. If we all do this as soon as we can, it will add up to an even stronger national tennis community, too.




Freelance writer and editor Kent Oswald is a Contributing Editor for Racquet Sports Industry magazine.

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