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The Tennis Industry has come together as Tennis Industry United to help drive the growth of tennis. Working together, we are now better equipped than ever before to advise and assist those who are on the front lines and baselines, bringing the sport of tennis to players of every age and ability. 


Tennis Industry United has developed educational, downloadable and customizable resources and information to help our local tennis advocates promote the benefits of tennis, attract new players and re-engage past players, and help drive greater diversity and inclusion in tennis participation. Together, for tennis. 

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  • Dive into the National Tennis Participation Report (PAC Study) for 2023 for in-depth analysis and exciting new initiatives. An overview of findings on tennis participation in the United States, based on 2023 data. Read More
  • The Tennis Industry United Webinars feature a variety of experts offering practical advice and important insights on managing your business, providing for your people, and dealing with the many challenges faced by the industry during the COVID-19 pandemic. Read More
  • None of us would be working in this industry if tennis court builders and contractors didn’t sweat the details when it comes to building and renovating courts and facilities. Read More
  • The Small Business Administration (“SBA”) has released the Paycheck Protection Program (“PPP”) loan forgiveness application and instructions. Read More
  • This week, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) issued six "decision trees" aimed at helping various industries and community sectors decide whether to reopen and, if so, how to do so safely and effectively. Read More
  • Tennis Industry United features insightful and informative interviews with industry insiders and business professionals—all aimed at better connecting the tennis community and educating all those affected by the many challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. Read More
  • The pandemic has changed our world in so many ways—and tennis has benefited with an influx of new players. Now, it’s up to as an industry to retain those new players and continue to attract new ones. One of the best programming options you can use to meet this need is Cardio Tennis. Read More
  • After a challenging year for all of us in the tennis industry, college athletics and the sports industry as a whole, the 2021 NCAA Championships showcased incredible student-athletes competing at the highest level on the biggest stage. Read More
  • May is National Tennis Month, and the USTA encourages players and non-players to join the millions of Americans who hit the tennis courts to enjoy the benefits of the "sport for a lifetime." Read More
  • As we power through this pandemic and try to keep things together in the tennis industry, it's important to reflect on the idea of gratitude. Read More
  • As we begin our second year dealing with the coronavirus and its impact on our lives and on our businesses, we get some good news about the state of our sport. It seems that in 2020, while Americans have been locked down, forced to curtail most activities and told to keep a very tight circle of family and friends, the sport of tennis has actually been growing. Read More
  • The USTA believes it will be possible for people to return to playing tennis safely in some cities and states sooner than others. Here are guidelines to follow for both players and facilities. Read More
  • While working to promote tennis as a safe social-distancing sport, the Intercollegiate Tennis Association (ITA) continues to fight the good fight and live the life lessons that sports teach, including hard work and perseverance. Read More
  • For all of us in this industry, it was important that the 2020 US Open was able to be played. Read More
  • It’s tempting in times like these to act on emotion. Business decisions, however, should never be emotion-driven. You need to rely on concrete data—and above all, don’t panic. Read More
  • Visit the Marketing your business page
    Marketing your business
    September 14, 2020
    Tennis is a safe sport to play during this pandemic. New players are trying it out. Parks and facilities are busy. And tennis products are shipping and arriving with zero consistency. It’s a crazy time right now! But it’s also a great time to step up your marketing efforts for your business and for this sport. Read More
  • Tennis is an ideal sport for these challenging times, and this industry—through Tennis Industry United and many other groups—is working to create opportunities for this sport to grow. Read More
  • The USTA’s recent pivot from a program-focused organization to a service-focused organization is a potential game-changer, and here are a few thoughts about this important advancement. Read More
  • Great customer relationship management will create customers and players for life. Remember, the best kind of customers for your business are “evangelists”—these are the customers who will sing your praises. And for you, that means free advertising. Read More
  • We all need to remember (and remind others) that this pandemic is not over. Not even close. In fact, in many areas, it’s getting worse. We cannot let our guard down and must not allow our players to relax with safe practices. Read More
  • Every business lives and dies by its reputation, and one unethical action can cause years of damage. Is your reputation holding up? Read More
  • By fully incorporating character development into their programs and celebrating successes of players on- and off-court related to their programs, innovative academies have the chance to continue thriving in this industry and gain an edge over competitors who focus exclusively on their players’ tennis accomplishments. Read More
  • It’s time to step up your messaging game, and the easiest way to do that is through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok or other social media. Read More
  • Don’t let up when it comes to protecting your players, your staff and your business from the effects of COVID-19. Read More
  • Introducing children to tennis in school is important, and with many school systems considering virtual classrooms, now is the time to consider how we can best inspire students at school and at home to become avid tennis players. Read More
  • Tennis has always been a sport that requires both physical and mental stamina, but the latter is being tested like never before, especially among the game’s teaching pros and facility owners/managers. Read More
  • As we slowly head toward normality, it is important to reflect on lessons we’re learning from this crisis. Read More
  • The temptation to chase every dollar is always there, especially now. But there may be a reason not to do it: It may make your business stronger. Read More
  • Oftentimes, the best way to draw participants to a sport is by harnessing the enthusiasm of passionate players, and for tennis and the USTA’s Tennis Ambassador program, this is proving to be the case. Read More
  • With limited or no play, this can be a time when this industry hits the “reset” button, where we may be able to adjust and strengthen parts of this industry that can help ensure growth in the future. Read More
  • This is a tough and unprecedented time, filled with challenges few of us have ever before faced. In order to get through them, it’s important to set mini-goals—and accomplish them. Read More
  • We should learn from the initiatives put forth in other sports and make efforts to present tennis as a modern, exciting athletic endeavor that can be enjoyed by anyone. Read More
  • These easy and quick tips can help you get the word out about your programs and facility/club. Read More
  • We all need to promote to both players and the community overall—especially non-players—that tennis carries the least risk of pretty much any activity out there. It will help grow your own business, and keep this sport and industry vital. Read More
  • Having more than one revenue stream can blunt the impact of any unexpected crisis and can help keep you afloat until it passes. Read More
  • Creating courts that last and that people want to play on may be the best thing you can do for the future health of your facility. Read More
  • During times of economic uncertainty such as this, you might want to consider conserving your business’s cash by bartering—exchanging goods or services of equal value with another business or person. Read More
  • Now is a great time to take advantage of some of the educational opportunities that are available for tennis providers and others in this industry, including webinars and podcasts on all sorts of relevant topics, with qualified experts both within racquet sports and outside of this industry. Read More
  • As more states continue to reopen, you must put together a plan to welcome your players back to the club. Here are a few things to keep in mind. Read More
  • Visit the The new 'normal' page
    The new 'normal'
    June 09, 2020
    There are a variety of questions concerning what the new “normal” will eventually look like when the coronavirus pandemic subsides. Here are some suggestions of items to address that will put us in a better position as we look to get our players and our businesses back. Read More
  • For those facilities that were forced to close as the spring season was just getting under way, you’ll need to come up with a policy to make up the lost membership and program time. Read More
  • How do you motivate your staff? Here are 10 items a leader must incorporate into the work environment to have a motivating climate. Read More
  • In this new age of the coronavirus, tennis facilities need to rethink how they operate, their maintenance procedures, their programs and amenities and, of course, their safety guidelines. Read More
  • As we all attempt to return to what will be a new normal for our sport and our facilities, you need to consider this question: What do I bring to the table that makes me a valuable asset to the club and to management? Read More
  • Any good tennis player can adjust their strategy and think creatively to win a match. This adaptability is often the killer edge that pushes some players far ahead of others. The same is true in the “game” of business, of which coaching is only one small element. Read More
  • There has never been a better time to stop talking about building your brand online and start actually doing it. Read More
  • The USTA announced that the Professional Tennis Registry (PTR) has received full accreditation under the USTA’s accreditation program for organizations and institutions that certify U.S. tennis teaching professionals. Read More
  • As our players return, making them feel safe must be our top priority. Read More
  • In this sport, we are, clearly, a community. But beyond that, we’re actually many communities within our overall tennis industry. And to support our own hometown community, let’s make sure we buy our tennis local. Read More
  • We’ve all been affected by this pandemic in some way. But as tragic and challenging as this time is, we also need to look at this time as an opportunity for tennis. Read More
  • Often, the successful director of a high-performing tennis or racquet sports facility or business needs to become a trusted advisor, confidant and mentor to those whom they lead. This may be even more evident today, as we all work to make it through this era of coronavirus. Read More
  • As businesses begin to open and lockdowns start to ease up throughout the U.S., tennis facilities and clubs have a responsibility to their members and their community to practice safe hygiene to prevent a resurgence in the spread of virus. Read More
  • As a tennis pro, you are your students’ trusted source of information. So, how do you cultivate and maintain that relationship in the era of COVID-19? Read More
  • As more and more of the country ease restrictions on activities, it’s a safe bet that soon your club or facilities will open back up—in some form—to members and the public. Our new reality means facility owners and managers will have a number of decisions to make. Read More
  • How do you create customer loyalty for your business? It’s all about “emotional” connectedness. For everyone in the tennis industry, that’s great news! Read More
  • For teaching pros and coaches who may be unable to spend much time—or any time—with their students during the coronavirus lockdowns, this may be the perfect time to introduce them to the power of visualization. Read More
  • The details of the $4 million initiative to help support Certified Tennis Teaching Professionals as they seek to recover from the impact of COVID-19 have been announced by the USTA. Read More
  • Many of us probably set goals earlier this year for our personal and professional lives, but now those goals have been impacted or upended as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. Now is the time to take the opportunity to reset your goals. Read More
  • If you’re a facility manager or owner, there’s a good chance you have some time on your hands, as most tennis facilities were forced to close during the coronavirus pandemic. Now, as parts of the country look to open up, you want to make sure your courts are in order. Read More
  • We—as coaches, teachers, volunteers, parents and fans of the game—now have to unite if we are going to make tennis better than it was. Read More
  • If you’re a tennis retailer, you’re probably looking at your inventory thinking that you have no other choice than to offer some crazy sales when customers are allowed back into your store. If you’re nervous about this situation, and maybe also wondering what you’re going to do, you are far from alone. But you might be able to turn this whole situation into an opportunity. Read More
  • Visit the Federal Updates page
    Federal Updates
    May 08, 2020
    Do you have Employees? There is a new EEOC Guidance for return to work. Additionally there is a new FAQ for the Paycheck Protection Program. Read More
  • It seems certain that when we come out the other side of this pandemic, our industry will have undergone a transformation. Let’s take what we’ve learned and make the sport better for it. Read More
  • In this time of crisis, it’s up to club owners to lead. And they need to lead through support, compassion and communication. Read More
  • To help in the support and recovery of tennis facilities—and to help get people back in the game—the USTA is providing $5 million in Facility Recovery Grants, intended to defray some of the tennis-related costs associated with reopening. Read More
  • People will remember how you acted in a time of crisis. As a business owner, you have a responsibility to present a mature, composed front to your members and your local community—even if you’re freaking out on the inside. Read More
  • The application process for grants to support facilities that closed due to the impact of COVID-19 will be open on Monday, May 4. The grants are intended to assist facilities defray some of the tennis-related costs associated with reopening in 2020. Read More
  • The Federal Reserve Board on Thursday April 30th announced it is expanding the scope and eligibility for the Main Street Lending Program. Read More
  • Here are six adjustments we need to make if we want to be prepared to welcome the HUGE wave of new tennis players who will be coming our way once we start to return to our new normal. Read More
  • For tennis, this can be an opportunity to reset and get back to local play—to get back to the fun and enjoyment of hitting a ball on court, for the sheer joy of it. We need to re-emphasize and re-energize local play. And we need to focus on the fun, healthy benefits tennis can provide. Read More
  • Tennis has a unique advantage in the sports world when it comes to industry support. Not only are there sound organizations at the national level, but also there are 17 USTA Sections scattered across the country that are here and ready to help—through and beyond this current pandemic. Read More
  • Our staffs are not the only ones who are struggling with the current situation; our members are, as well. Here is an example of a multi-phase plan with the simple goal of bringing our club to our members. Read More
  • The coronavirus will mean there will be a new normal for everybody. At this point, we have no choice but to embrace it. As we start to navigate toward this new normal, it’s going to be important for you to stay nimble through this process. Read More
  • When the time comes for tennis clubs and facilities to reopen, there will be a percentage of members who will contact you to cancel their memberships. Your facility must be prepared for this. Strategically, your goal should be to avoid all-out cancellations in favor of getting members to put their membership on hold. Read More
  • The SBA will resume accepting PPP loan applications on Monday, April 27 at 10:30AM EDT from approved lenders on behalf of any eligible borrower. Read More
  • Tennis is one of the best forms of exercise. When we are allowed to resume playing, tennis providers should be ready to clearly explain why the U.S. population should begin—or continue—to play tennis. Read More
  • Once we emerge from the current stay-at-home mandate required in many states and communities, people will want to socialize and have fun, but do it in a safe and secure environment with people and facilities they trust. Tennis stands uniquely positioned to provide such an outlet for recreation and competition. Read More
  • To provide guidance about some of the unemployment issues view our frequently asked questions (FAQs) to assist freelancers, independent contractors and other self-employed tennis professionals who find themselves without work during the COVID-19 crisis. Read More
  • Regular updates, delivered through your website and social media channels, will deepen member connections and encourage them to retain their membership even if they can’t use your facility at the moment. Read More
  • Just because we are not physically on the court right now with our players, our jobs as mentors do not stop. Now more than ever, we need to be there for our players. Read More
  • Visit the Stay connected page
    Stay connected
    April 17, 2020
    It doesn’t matter if you own the club, run the programs or are a teaching pro trying to build your clientele, customer service must be a priority—now more than ever. Read More
  • There are a lot of features to the CARES Act, and you should go online to check out what benefits might be available for you and your business and to apply. Read More
  • The USTA is providing a comprehensive program of financial, educational and other resources to help the tennis industry weather the COVID-19 pandemic. Read More
  • The Tennis Industry United Blog will post daily about subjects important to you and your business. Our goal will be to line up experts in various fields so that you can benefit from their knowledge and information. Read More