Now is the time to build your brand online

Dave Emkey | May 29, 2020

There has never been a better time to stop talking about building your brand online and start actually doing it. Whether you know it or not, you have content. Your audience has the time and is craving content. Doing this now can help set you up for success once the economy starts to open back up.


By building your brand, you’re not posting about sales, or about how much your product or services cost. You’re telling the story of why someone should follow your account. Who are you? What makes you or your business special? Why should someone go beyond just clicking “like” and take the next step to follow you?  

Take an audit of the accounts that you follow on your own social media. Chances are you have some kind of connection to them and genuinely want to see what they have to say. To take it one step further, as you scroll through Instagram, you likely scroll past anything with a price tag in the image but stop when you see something interesting or engaging (like a video), right? Your audience will be no different, and they’re probably just as tired of being targeted for sales as you are.


There’s no doubt that this is a crowded space; everyone has turned to social media marketing. If you focus on your core customer or audience within your market, it becomes a lot less crowded. Then, as you build your content, you can start to target your posts to specific geo-targets, ages and interests to help increase the quality of your database.


By building up your following now, you’ll have a much bigger audience to market to once the economy has opened back up and players can start playing and shopping again.




Dave Emkey is a longtime business development executive in the tennis industry.

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