Tennis Advocacy

What is Tennis Advocacy and Why is it Important?

Advocacy for tennis involves taking our knowledge and passion for tennis and connecting it to the needs of communities, schools, colleges and local governments. Advocacy is the ability to demonstrate to decision-makers how tennis programs can benefit the community. The sport of tennis can be an important part of improving communities, schools, the health of individuals and the quality of life for all. As members of the tennis family, we know how this sport can make a difference in people’s lives. As advocates for tennis, our mission is to share the benefits of our sports with decision makers in the public, private and non-profit sectors to gain their support.

How to be a Tennis Advocate

Advocating for the sport of tennis is something that can be done by passionate players, parents, coaches and fans. Empowered with knowledge, tennis advocates can be one of the driving forces for change in your community. Locating and assisting individuals and organizations that can move tennis forward is a great way to get started on your tennis advocacy mission.  


Tennis Industry United is providing valuable turnkey materials to help you advocate for tennis in your local community.

Navigating Pickleball’s Expansion In Your Community


While tennis remains the most popular racquet sport in the United States, pickleball has also experienced a significant increase in participation, ultimately driving the demand for adequate tennis and pickleball courts across the country. 


We all can advocate for tennis, and the USTA is equipt with resources, information and tools that can help you reach decision makers in the public, private and non-profit sectors and illustrate how tennis facilities and programs are necessary for a healthy community.

College tennis player holding a racquet in his hand smiling.

Collegiate Community Hub

Develop a plan to activate your tennis venues for the local community while adding new revenue streams to athletic departments.

Two female tennis players on a court playing a doubles match.

USTA Offerings & Benefits

Learn about the USTA nationwide network, core offerings and benefits provided from the USTA, your partner in play.

Advocate for community tennis flyer cover.

Community Advocacy

Develop your approach to advocate for tennis in your community with communication tactics, funding source examples and more.

Advocate for tennis on publish courts flyer cover.

Public Tennis Advocacy

Create a plan to advocate for tennis in public facilities and parks in your community with tactics, contact examples and more. 

Advocate for tennis in schools flyer cover.

School Tennis Advocacy

Schools are a critically important area to help grow the game at the local level. Learn how to advocate for tennis in your schools. 

Advocate for college tennis flyer cover.

College Tennis Advocacy

Advocate to keep college tennis alive with tactics and talking points to use in your community. 

Advocate for wheelchair tennis flyer cover.

Wheelchair Tennis Advocacy

Tennis is a game that can be adapted for any mental, physical or emotional disability. Learn more about advocating for Wheelchair Tennis.

Advocate for military outreach flyer cover.

Military Outreach Advocacy

One of the most exciting populations to engage is members of the armed forces. This community is always in need of more services and can benefit both physically and psychologically from tennis.

Advocate for diverse and inclusive tennis flyer cover.

Diversity & Inclusion Advocacy

At the USTA, inclusiveness is one of our core values. We believe that anyone from anywhere should be able to play and compete equally and fairly in a sport that is open to all.

Advocate for Adaptive Tennis PDF Cover

Adaptive Tennis Advocacy

Advocating for tennis in your community can help increase participation in the sport from underserved populations.