Why it’s a great time to resurface your courts

Jeff Bryant | June 16, 2020

The enforced break in play that the COVID-19 pandemic has necessitated for our sport and industry is undoubtedly challenging. But it also provides a unique opportunity to rejuvenate and transform the facilities that are sitting dormant in our clubs and communities and could become more important than ever in a post-lockdown world. 


Here are five reasons why I believe that now is the (unexpected) time to do what you may have been putting off for months or years and refresh your facilities:


1. Court installation is safe. Surface selection and color choices can be made online. It involves little to no face-to-face contact with the contractor, and installation crews are able to socially distance while they work. Amid all the things you cannot do currently, this is a positive investment you can make in the future of your facility, safely.

2. Prolong the lifespan of your court. Look for a court surface manufacturer with generous warranties, and you can guarantee the lifespan of your court for up to five years. An investment now while your courts are unused will pay you back in the future.


3. Reduced logistics. Resurfacing while your facility remains closed means that crews can work more efficiently and without the need to rotate court closures if you have more than one. As we head into summer, there are also less likely to be challenges and delays associated with bad weather.


4. Economic recovery. Buying from an American-made court manufacturer and using a local installer means that not only will you benefit from a court surface that is tailored to the local environment, but you will also help to boost the national economy. According to the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM), manufacturing in the U.S. accounts for 11.39% of the total output in the economy and employs 8.51% of the workforce—an average of 12.8 million people. By buying locally made products, you help to protect these jobs and inject money back into the local economy at a time when it needs it most.


5. Future-proof your facility. Socially distanced by its nature, tennis is not only one of the first sports to return, but it could have a much bigger role to play in post-lockdown life where the “rules of play” will remain changed for a long time to come. Social distancing is likely to define our new normal, and sports like ours, which naturally lend themselves to these new social boundaries, could play a bigger part than ever before in the health and well-being of our nation. 


A literal resurfacing of courts across the country could play a vital role in getting people and the economy moving again as the U.S. begins to resurface from containment. Creating courts that last and that people want to play on may also be the best thing you can do for the future health of your facility.




Jeff Bryant is the National Sales Manager for Laykold.

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