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Alex Wesley | April 29, 2020

Tennis has a unique advantage in the sports world when it comes to industry support. Not only are there sound organizations at the national level, but also there are 17 USTA Sections scattered across the country that are here and ready to help—through and beyond this current pandemic.


Section staff have the local knowledge and passion to be your biggest ally in getting people back on the court after months at home. They live in your area and care deeply about the vitality of tennis and your community as a whole. 

The Section’s community tennis staff, including Tennis Service Representatives, are experts in grassroots tennis, and that skill set will be critical in the upcoming weeks and months, as facilities, parks and communities all look to reopen. Local League Coordinators have a great pulse on our most dedicated and passionate adult players. Tournament staff can lend support with traditional tennis formats and can help innovate with the changing times and in this era of social distancing.


USTA Section marketing staff can provide consultation and guidance about how to connect with your audience through this time and how to reach new people to play. Diversity and Inclusion staff can help reach new audiences and assist with ensuring your courts are inclusive of anyone who may want to play. While this list, of course, isn’t exhaustive, every person in a USTA Section office is ready to lend their support.


As tennis providers, lean on your USTA Section staff for brainstorming, consulting and figuring out the next steps as we walk through this uncertain time together. 


“There’s no place like home” is a powerful mantra. As we get back on the courts, local play at home is going to be of utmost importance. USTA Sections are here to help you, as we all navigate this new normal.


To find your local section staff, click here.




Alex Wesley is the Director of Marketing for USTA New England.

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