Out of sight, but not out of mind

Mark Faber | April 28, 2020

During this unprecedented time, our tennis facility, Twos Athletic Club in Toledo, Ohio, is looking at every challenge as an opportunity. We realized that our staff are not the only ones who are struggling with this situation; our members are, as well. Our facility is just as much a part of our members’ lives as it is a part of our lives.


So, we put a multi-phase plan in place and have executed it with the simple goal of bringing our club to our members. Some of the things we’ve done include: 


* Hosting live “town hall” meetings on Facebook twice a week to update our members on what’s going on, answer any questions they may have and share exciting stories of our members helping in the community.

* Providing our high school senior student-athletes an opportunity to share stories about them that normally would be told during the school year.


* Postings from our staff that we call “Twos Two,” which are two-minute videos of an at-home tennis drill or exercise.


* Encouraging our members to send in videos of what they have been doing at home during this time, which we post to our social media.


* Creating interactive contests and games in which all our members can participate.


* Contacting all of our members by phone to just say hello and see if they need any assistance of any kind.


* Stressing that we are all family in everything we do.


Since opening our doors in 2015, the mission of Twos Athletic Club has been to provide each member with “the tennis experience they deserve.” During this time, we realize that providing this experience does not necessarily need to involve a tennis court. It involves going above and beyond, with actual personal contact and constant contact in multiple ways. 


To us, “challenge” equals “opportunity”!




USPTA Elite Professional Mark Faber is the director of tennis at Twos Athletic Club in Toledo, Ohio.


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