Improve Your Game:

Perfecting Your Forehand

June 29, 2018

The secret to a successful tennis forehand is to turn your hips and upper body as one unit when you're preparing to hit the ball, rather than just moving your racquet back. By thinking 'unit turn,' you put yourself in a better position to hit the ball.


To get your forehand flowing, think unit turn rather than simply racquet back. In the first progression, outlined in the video with tennis pro Rita Gladstone, the goal is to perform the unit turn by catching the ball with your non-dominant hand. When you have the unit turn down, the next progression is to finish the shot by striking with your forehand.


Try these tips when you’re learning how to hit a forehand in tennis. The next time you step on the court, your volleys will be better, and you’ll strike the ball more consistently. Get more tips to perfect your game from USTA.



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Rita Gladstone is a head tennis professional at the USTA National Campus at Lake Nona in Orlando, Fla.


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