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January 13, 2021


Safe Place to Play Grants


The 2021 Safe Place to Play Grant application information will be coming soon. 


Read about our 2019 Safe Place to Play Grant Recipients and how USTA Mid-Atlantic’s grant program helped them refresh and refurbish tennis courts in their communities.


The local tennis courts – whether at the public park, nearby school, or within the community – are the gathering places for everyday fun, competition, healthy activity, and building bonds. These spaces bring together families, friends, coworkers, and neighbors no matter their background or ability. To ensure people have well maintained, safe and quality courts for play the USTA Mid-Atlantic offers grants up to $10,000 to support:


USTA Mid-Atlantic Funding Categories and Requirements

Category I:

  • Basic facility improvements, including fixed court amenities (i.e. ADVERTISEMENT backboards, fencing, windscreens, etc.)
  • Case by case basis with consideration. Funding not to exceed $5,000 max. Not required to fill out the National Facility Assistance Form for grant consideration by USTA MAS but it is strongly encouraged.

Category II:

  • Resurfacing of existing 36’, 60’ and 78’ courts. Converting an existing 78' court to stand-alone 36' courts.  Lighting costs.
  • Case by case basis with consideration. Funding not to exceed $10,000 max. Required to fill out the National Facility Assistance Form for grant consideration by USTA MAS.

Category III:

  • New construction or existing facility reconstruction of 36’, 60’, and 78’ courts.
  • Case by case basis with consideration. Funding not to exceed $10,000 max. required fill out the National Facility Assistance Form for grant consideration by USTA MAS.


Funding priority is given to program proposals which will impact the long-term growth and diversity of tennis in the Mid-Atlantic region. All funding decisions are final and may not be appealed.


Limited funds are available.


Please note that you must also fill out the USTA Facility Assistance Form for grant requests that are Category II or Category III, the form can be found at



  • Financial support is awarded only to organizations; individuals seeking grant funding are not eligible.
  • Recipient organizations must be registered with the IRS as a 501(c)3 non-profit organization or a public agency (i.e public schools, or parks and recreation departments).
  • Organizations seeking financial support that are not classified as a non-profit may use a non-profit partner organization as a fiscal agent to receive and administer funds. Click here for more information on fiscal agents.
  • An organization is not allowed to receive grant funding for three or more years in a five-year span.
  • Recipient organizations are required to have accessible and affordable programming for youth in the community. If the organization applying for the grant does not already have programming, the organization is required to partner with an organization that can implement/manage programming for them. For all programming, registration fees should be reasonable to encourage greater participation.

To learn more about the USTA National and USTA MAS grant categories, please review the USTA Mid-Atlantic Facility Assistance Handout.



Due to the cancellation of Junior Team Tennis and Adult League National Championships travel stipends are not currently available at this time. 



Equipment Grants


The USTA Mid-Atlantic Section partners with a local nonprofit to collect and redistribute gently used equipment to nonprofit organizations all over the Section. The equipment is collected from organizations and individuals throughout the Mid-Atlantic Section and is then refurbished and distributed by Leveling the Playing Field. The grant has helped organizations save on equipment costs across almost every sport.


Click here to apply for an equipment grant.



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