36- & 60-Foot COURT


January 1, 2017
<h1>36- &amp; 60-Foot COURT</h1>

The USTA is happy to partner with you and your community to help get more kids and families playing tennis. And a great way to do that is by adding 36- and 60-foot courts to your facility.


These smaller courts are easier for beginner players to cover, leading to more early success when they play. And when it’s easier to play, players develop a love for the sport right from the start! Thirty-six- and 60-foot courts will also help you grow the game and your business by enhancing your programming and getting more players on the court – which in turns helps bolster your bottom line.


There are three distinct line grants you can take advantage of to get started today. For each of these grants, the application process and reimbursement process are the same.

Line Grant (for lines on existing tennis courts)

  • The USTA will match dollar for dollar the investment (capped at $4,000).
  • To be eligible, a facility must be willing to paint blended lines on a minimum of two 78-foot tennis courts.

Playground Line Grant

  • For painting 36-foot and 60-foot tennis lines on playgrounds, parking lots and other flat surfaces.
  • The USTA will match dollar for dollar the investment (capped at $4,000).
  • To be eligible for the Playground Line Grant, a community must be willing to paint three courts. Communities that paint lines for less than three courts will be provided with detailed concept plans and instructions on how to line a blacktop surface with the help of volunteers or school personnel, but will not be eligible for financial assistance.

Collegiate Blended Line Grant

  • The USTA will contribute 100 percent toward the investment a college tennis facility makes to paint blended tennis lines on its courts (capped at $4,000).
  • To be eligible for the Collegiate Blended Line Grant, a college facility must be willing to line a minimum of two 78-foot tennis courts.

Line Grants Application Process

  1. Complete a USTA Facility Assistance Form. When completing this form, be sure to check "10 and Under Lines" in Question #4.
  2. A USTA National Line Grant representative will contact you to learn more about your project and request additional information.
  3. Once all items are received and reviewed by the USTA, the USTA will return a concept plan and contractor specifications as well as issue a USTA Approval Letter so you can get started with your project.
  4. Reimbursement.

Upon project completion, you will need to send a copy of the contractor's final invoice and final photos to the USTA. Once the USTA receives this information and verifies the lines have been properly painted, a reimbursement check will be released for the amount indicated on the USTA Approval Letter.


All Line Grants are awarded on a "first-come, first-served" basis. If awarded a Line Grant, funding will be held for up to 60 days after initial approval by the USTA. Failure to complete the project within 60 days may result in funds being released to other communities. All projects must be approved by the USTA to be eligible for a Line Grant.


Contractor Resources - Tech Specs

To view a complete array of technical specifications for 78-foot courts with blended lines, permanent 36- and 60-foot courts, striping plans and more., visit our Resources and Tools page and click on Facilities.


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