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New England

Grant Information

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USTA New England Grant Information

USTA New England’s grant process aligns with our Strategic Plan and we have created grant categories that directly relate to our strategic priorities. Organizations will be able to apply for support for their programs that fit into those categories. USTA New England grants will only be given to tax exempt or non-profit organizations such as schools, Park and Recreation Departments, CTA's and NJTL's. You will be required to enter your Tax ID or EIN number below.


Grant Deadline

Monetary grants for programming will have an application deadline of March 6, 2020. These grants are intended for programming in late spring, summer and fall 2020.  There will be a second deadline in November of 2020 for winter and spring 2021 programming. Applications will open in January. ADVERTISEMENT Notifications of approval or decline of the grants will go out within 1 month after the application deadline.


Grant Criteria 

All grant recipients must be registered as a provider on Net Generation. All grant recipients must send a representative to the 2020 New England Tennis Weekend.


Priority will be given to programs that: 


  • Target new players
  • Target diverse markets
  • Link their programs to USTA programs
  • Registered Community Tennis Associations (CTAs) and NJTLs
  • USTA Junior Team Tennis (JTT) programs
Eligible expenses include marketing, operation and administrative costs associated with starting a new program or expanding an existing program. Ineligible expenses include ball machines, other large court equipment or facility projects. All facility projects must go through the National Public Facility Assistance program


Budget Forms

A budget form is required to be submitted with all monetary grant applications.

Budget Form


Contact Information

Please send any questions about the grant process to:


Grant Categories

Organizations are allowed to apply for more than one category. All applications from one organization will be reviewed together. Notifications for the grants will go out approximately one month after the application deadline. Below is the list of grant categories:



Junior Team Tennis Program Grant

The Junior Team Tennis Program Grant (up to $1,000) is for the creation or expansion of a Junior Team Tennis program. The program must be registered on TennisLink but can be the Local (non-membership) or Championship (advancing, membership) track. For example, a Local Junior Team Tennis program could be started between Park and Recreation Departments in the summer or an in-house league could be created as part of a school program or NJTL chapter. Priority will be given to JTT programs that target 8U and 10U divisions.


Team Challenge Grant

The Team Challenge Grant (up to $300) is for a Net Generation approved provider who is running a series (minimum of 6) of Team Challenges within the same ball color (red, orange and green). A provider may apply for a Team Challenge grant in more than one bal color category,


A Team Challenge is an introduction to tennis competition offering a low-pressure team environment for children of all ages to develop their skills through level-based play, without an emphasis on instruction or results. It is designed to be delivered as a single event or a series of up to six events, with the objective of providing a fun and social environment that highlights character and skill development. Team Challenge can be played with red, orange, or green tennis balls.


The Team Challenge grant is a rolling grant, open year-round for applications.


Community Tennis Association Grant (only for registered CTAs)

The Community Tennis Association (CTA) grant (up to $1,000) provides funds to start or expand a registered CTA. A CTA is an incorporated, geographically defined, not-for-profit, volunteer based tennis organization that supports or provides programs which promote and develop the growth of tennis. This grant could be used to help your CTA start a Junior Team Tennis league, host non-elimination tournaments, create partnerships with the local schools to run after school programs, etc. To learn more about CTA's and to make sure your CTA is registered, click here


National Junior Tennis and Learning Grant (only for enrolled NJTLs)

The National Junior Tennis and Learning (NJTL) start up grant provides funds to start or form a new NJTL Chapter that supports USTA programming. Each grant award is up to $1000 and can be used towards legal fees, supplies, logo creation or volunteer management.


The National Junior Tennis and Learning (NJTL) expansion grant provides funds to further USTA programming specifically, JTT or Youth Progression tennis (Red, Orange, Green Ball) OR to further education efforts. Each grant award is between $500 - $1500 and can be used towards hiring of diverse staff or coaches, coaching fees, transportation fees, education related supplies, enrichment field trips or specialized educators that provide additional tutoring/wellness education or some other type of educational topic that supports your NJTL.


The National Junior Tennis and Learning (NJTL) event development grant provides funds to support fundraising efforts. Each grant award is either $100-$500 or $500-$1000 depending on your NJTL Star level (1-2 star chapters are eligible for up to $500 while 3-4 star chapters are eligible for up to $1000). This award can be used towards any fundraiser costs; venue, food, marketing, photography or any other expense that will ensure a wonderful event.   


Diversity and Inclusion Grant

The Diversity and Inclusion grant is used to promote and develop new or expanding USTA tennis programming for underserved players that fall into the following categories; Adaptive, African-American, Asian-American, Hispanic, LGBT, Millennial, Native American, Socio-economic, Wheelchair. Each grant award is between $500 - $1500 and can be used towards marketing/outreach, hiring of diverse staff or coaches, coaching fees or transportation fees.


The Diversity and Inclusion celebration grant is used to promote new or expanding USTA tennis programming in your local community. Each grant award is between $100- $500 and can only be used to support your organization's participation or sponsorship of a community event. Award preference will be given to African- American heritage celebrations, Asian-American heritage celebrations, Hispanic heritage celebrations, or PRIDE (LGBT) celebrations.


State Association Grants


USTA Connecticut Grants

USTA Eastern Mass. Grants

USTA New Hampshire Grants

USTA Western Mass. Grants

USTA Rhode Island Grants

USTA Vermont Grants

Maine Tennis Association Grants


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