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USTA New Hampshire Grants
USTA New Hampshire

The 2020 USTA New Hampshire Grants are now open!


Apply here 


USTA Facility Assistance Grant


As a not-for-profit organization whose mission is to "promote and develop the growth of tennis," the USTA recognizes the importance of making financial investments in the infrastructure of tennis facilities to foster the sport’s continued growth. The financial component of the USTA Facility Assistance program is a rolling process – there are no deadlines.


To fully understand the process by which communities receive assistance from the USTA and what is expected from communities, please review the USTA National Guide To Facility Assistance and/or watch the facility assistance program overview video.


Apply for the facility grant here.



There are four categories of financial assistance:


Funding Category


USTA National Contribution


Line Grants


Painting permanent 36' and 60' tennis lines on existing courts, paved areas, blacktops, playgrounds or gymnasiums.


Up to 50 percent of total project cost ($4,000 maximum).


Category I


Basic facility improvements, including fixed court amenities (i.e. backboards, fencing, windscreens, etc.)


Up to 50 percent of total project cost ($4,000 maximum).


Category II


Resurfacing of existing 36’, 60’ and 78' courts. Converting an existing 78' court to stand-alone 36' courts. Lighting.


Up to 50 percent of total project cost ($10,000 maximum).


Category III


New construction or existing facility reconstruction of 36’, 60’ and 78’ courts.


Up to 50% of total project cost ($20,000 maximum).


USTA Grant Covers 75% of the Cost Blended Lines for 10 & Under Tennis


Since 2010 over 18,000 tennis courts have been built or permanently lined for 10 & under tennis play across the country. 10 & under lines and court sizes are part of the rules of tennis now both nationally and internationally, and are approved for all play through high school, college, tournaments, leagues etcetera with the exception of professional tennis.


How the process works:


  1. Apply and get approved by Completing a USTA Facility Assistance Form (It takes just a few minutes -  Be sure to check “National Line Grant”).
  2. Once approved by the USTA and after the lines have been painted and approved for reimbursement by the USTA the grantee will receive 75% reimbursement for the cost of lining the courts; with a check covering 50 % of the cost from USTA national, another check from USTA New England covering 25% of the cost.


Read the official USTA technical specs for court layouts, lining, and more.


Blended Lines are permanent 36' and 60' tennis lines on an existing 78' tennis court. Blended lines are always painted using the same color family as the playing surface - in a lighter or darker shade, depending on personal preference - and are 1.5" in width. Blended lines never intersect 78' tennis court lines, as they stop 3" away from all 78' tennis court lines. Please view our Blended Line Photo Gallery for examples.

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