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USTA Northern 

Funding and Support


March 12, 2021
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The USTA Northern Grants process has been reimagined for 2021.


For more information or questions about USTA Northern's Tennis Grant Application, please contact Zeny McCoy at


Tennis Grant Criteria

The following criteria will be helpful in determining eligibility and preparing your application:
  • The grant recipient must be a USTA member in good standing.
  • The grant recipient and/or all coaches affiliated with the program must be SafePlay compliant.  For more information, please visit USTA Safe Play.
  • The program must agree to an on-site visit by a grant evaluator and the program must return a year-end accountability report.


Getting Started: What to do before you apply 



1. Contact any staff member to discuss your proposal prior to submitting an application.


2. Prepare copies of required organizational documents for upload to the grant application:


  • Certificate of liability Insurance

  • Completed W-9

  • Operating budget for current fiscal year

  • Statement of Financial Position (Balance Sheet) optional


3. Gather the required information specific to proposal request:


  • Detailed tennis program budget (revenues and expenses)

  • The why, what, how, who, and when of your grant request (proposal narrative)


4. Read and review our Grant Criteria and Tennis Grants FAQs.



Tennis Grant FAQs


What are the priority funding areas for 2021?


Our funding priorities are based on our strategic plan to promote and develop the growth of tennis. Emphasis and preference are given to requests that bring new players to the game, support diversity, build alliances and partnerships, and have a plan and/or track record of sustainability. 


Do I need to be a nonprofit organization to receive funding?


 No. Nonprofit organizations, tennis professionals, LLC’s and small businesses are eligible to apply. Please consult with your tax advisor to fully understand tax implications if awarded a grant.


What is the maximum grant amount that can be awarded?


There is no maximum. We will evaluate each request based on the impact the proposal will make towards our mission. Please consider your plan for sustainability when submitting your application.


Can the grant cover participation fees for my proposed tennis program?


Participant fees should be charged according to your market. Applicants must show a plan for financial sustainability in future years (i.e. gradual increase of participant fees).


How do I apply?


Grant applications and required documents must be submitted online. You will need to upload a copy of your current liability insurance, W9, submit your organization's operating budget and a program budget along with a detailed description of your funding proposal.


What is the application deadline?


To give each application thoughtful consideration, please submit your application at least a week before the committee meets - the committee meets on the third Thursday of each month.


When will notification of a grant award be made?


The grantee will be contacted within two weeks of review. If approved, the Grant award will then be distributed within fourteen (14) business days of grantee notification.


Is an organization only allowed to be awarded a grant once a year?


No. There is no limit.


Are matching funds required?


Matching funds may be requested if applying for a facilities grant.





Facility Services Program

Whether you’re just starting out and dreaming of building a state-of-the-art, multi-court tennis facility, you're interested in 36' or 60' tennis courts, or simply need to repair cracked courts at the local park down the street, you can find information on how the USTA can assist in business services, technical services and much more.



To fully understand the process by which communities receive assistance from the USTA and what is expected from communities, please review the Guide to Facility Services


To begin the USTA Facility Services process, please complete the USTA Facility Services form.




Event Donations


USTA Northern recognizes the importance of community involvement and tries to participate in the many charitable events organized by our tennis family each year. We will do our best to support your event with a reasonable donation provided it meets our giving guidelines. Requests must be received at least six weeks prior to the event date.


Contact Zeny McCoy at for more information.


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