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USTA League

National Championships FAQs

January 1, 2017
<h1>USTA League</h1>
<h2>National Championships FAQs</h2>

USTA League National Championships FAQs:

Click here to download the USTA League FAQ's.


Do I notify the national office that my team is going to Nationals?

No, your Section League Coordinator will notify the national office and will forward your team’s roster.


Am I required to complete the Player registration to be eligible to compete at nationals?

Yes, every player must complete the registration and pay the individual $55.00 player fee.


If I’m a non-playing captain or I am a player not competing but attending nationals with my team, do I register and pay the fee?

Yes, you are required to complete the registration and pay the fee.


If our team makes it to the Sunday playoffs, what is the earliest matches and awards ceremony will be completed so we can plan returning flights to home?

The Sunday Semis and Finals and awards are typically completed by 2pm. ADVERTISEMENT We present awards as teams complete their matches in order to help teams in a hurry to catch flights. But I wouldn’t plan on booking flights earlier than 5 pm. You want to be sure to play your best and not worry about missing or changing flights while you’re playing.


Is my team required to participate in the player gift exchange?

Starting in 2018, in place of the traditional gift exchange USTA National will provide Color War wristbands for each team to exchange with their opponents after their match. Wristbands are available at the tournament desk.


What time should I arrive on site for my scheduled match?

Every player is required to be on site and ready to play 30 minutes before the scheduled match time. Courts may become available and your match can be called earlier than the time indicated on the schedule.


Will we be allowed to practice or hit while the matches are in progress?

No, all courts at each site will be used for matches. However, if your team has a 7:00 a.m. or 7:30 a.m. match you may be able to get on site at 6:00 a.m. or 6:30 a.m. and find an open court to get on and warm up. This depends on the facility hours, but your captain will be advised at the captain’s meeting.


If I register on line, do I need to give my player shirt sizes and quantity at the captains’ registration?

No, since everyone is registering individually and submitting their shirt sizes, you will be given the sizes that were submitted. Everyone will be able to exchange sizes over the weekend.


I registered online for the player party, but the number of people that are going to the party has changed. What do I do?

You will be able to update the number and get the tickets from the national office representative at the captain’s registration on Thursday.


How many player party tickets will my team be given at no charge?

You will be given tickets for the number of registered players from your team who will attend the party. All guests tickets are  $20.00 cash per ticket. Children under 12 can come free.


When can I buy the guest party tickets?

You can only purchase guest party tickets at the Captain’s registration on Thursday. Cash is accepted only - no checks, credit, or debit cards. You should know how many guests will be attending as this will be the only time that tickets will be available for sale. The final count and table numbers will be given to the food vendor on Thursday evening immediately following the registration.


Can I get shirts and player gifts for the players who could not come to Nationals?

No, unfortunately we have to be sure we have enough quantity for the registered players who will be participating on the weeks that follow.


When I look online at the match schedule, I don’t see my team listed.

You are probably looking in Tennis Link and if you don’t see all teams it’s probably because the computer person is in the process of building the championships for score entry. You should go to the website and to national championships and open the link to your event. Here you will find the current match schedule. Please keep checking frequently for revisions to the schedule.


Where do I find our team photos?

Click here


Do my friends and family need to purchase tickets to watch our matches?

No, your friends and family can move about and watch your team and any matches at any time. There is no fee to come on the grounds of the facility to watch your team play.


Should my friends and family bring chairs or will there be benches for them to sit on to watch us play?

While some courts at some facilities have benches, it’s advisable to bring along small chairs in the event that your match is assigned where there are no benches available.


Will water be available on site?

Yes, there are water containers on the courts, but not complimentary bottled water. You should come prepared with your own water vessel and fill it up before heading out to your match.


Will there be free Gatorade or sports drinks for all players?

No, Gatorade or power drinks may be available for purchase in the pro shop, but it is suggested that you bring your own from a local store to be sure you are prepared with your preferred beverage.


Will lunch be accessible on site?

Food for purchase options may be available on site, however, there are restaurants and fast food options near all our national championships sites.


Will ice be available?

Yes, there are ice containers located near the tournament desk, but if you want to fill up your water container with ice, you should do so at the hotel prior to going to the courts. In the hot desert climate, continual ice consumption at the championships becomes a challenge.


What day should players plan to arrive at nationals?

It is advisable that all players arrive at their hotel and acclimate to the time change and weather no later than Thursday. Arriving on Friday morning is risky and may cause stress to both players and captains if flights or traffic cause delays. Even if you view your match schedule and see that your team’s first match is later in the day on Friday, all players should still arrive on Thursday as schedules change right up to the start of play.



Can I get a registration refund?

Players may send refund requests to , refunds will be granted until the registration deadline for each specific Championship. Please see deadline schedule below.

  • Adult 18 & Over Championships: September 10
  • Adult 40 & Over Championships: October 1
  • Adult 55 & Over Championships: October 8
  • Mixed 18 & Over Championships: October 22
  • Mixed 40 & Over Championships: October 22


How often can the match schedule change?

It is advisable that you check the match schedule on our website frequently. Often teams decline the opportunity to go at the last minute and the schedule is altered and can be quite different than the previous schedule. It can even change the same week of the tournament so you will be given an updated schedule once you arrive.


Will players who don’t attend nationals be eligible for a trophy?

Players who do not attend nationals will be given the opportunity to buy a trophy. Captains of teams who place 1st-4th will fill out an trophy order form on Sunday after their matches. Trophies take about 6 weeks to ship, please see the onsite National Staff Representative for more information on purchasing additional trophies. 


I didn’t get my colorwars wristband, can I get a new one?

Please stop by the tournament desk as we will have extras on site. 


Can I purchase USTA Nationals Merchandise?

Merchandise can be purchased online by visiting


If your questioned was not answered please email 


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