Pacific Northwest

Adult 55 & Over Sectionals

July 26, 2023

2023 SECTIONALS - JUNE 23-25, 2023


Tournament Organizer (questions leading up to Section Championships):

Elece Fiocchi, Managing Director of Provider Services



Tournament Director (questions during Section Championships):

Elece Fiocchi


WEATHER UPDATES - Will be sent out via text through Match Tennis Team App

*Our Section Championship player registration model has changed. Following USTA National and other Sections' lead, USTA-PNW will now use individual registrations. Although we have always tried to keep expenses low, our costs have increased significantly due to several factors. The deadline to add players to the roster has been extended to the event's last day, allowing more flexibility for Captains.


Player Registration: Click Here All players must register individually. The registration cost is $48. (Minimum Players (6) Due April 28, 2023 - Registration Closed June 25, 2023)

If teams do not register the minimum number of players by the deadline, the next team on the wildcard chart will be invited to participate as a replacement.

Players on Multiple Teams and Levels: - Click Here (Due April 28, 2023)


Match Tennis Team app is available for download on your mobile device.

Captains MUST download the app in order to submit line ups, enter scores and sign off on scorecards.

Players can also download the app.

The Match Tennis Team App will be used for:

  • Captain Lineup Submission

  • Player Score Entry

  • Player Court Assignments

  • Player & Captain Communication

  • Match Score Confirmation

To download the Match Tennis Team app, click here.

Match Tennis Team App Tutorial


Schedule Available: June 9, 2023 Click Here

Captain/Player Pre-Recorded Webinar. Click Here

Match Play: Matches will start as early as 7:30 am on Friday, June 23, 2023

Refund Policy: - no refunds after the schedule is posted



  • Hudson Bay High School - 4 courts 1601 E. McLoughlin Blvd
  • Clark College - 4 courts 1850 Fort Vancouver Way
  • Evergreen High School - 4 courts 2205 NE 138th Avenue

Enjoy And Explore Vancouver!

Explore Vancouver

Dining In Vancouver

Dining Deals Pass

Downtown Walking Maps

Travel Magazine


Hotels: Click Here




T-Shirts: Ordered during player registration and available at first match

*Players who are not attending Sectionals but would still like a 2023 Section Championship t-shirt can visit the PNW Storefront


Photographer: USTA PNW staff may be taking photos at certain sites and times during the event. In addition to a Publicity Waiver form at registration, we will have a media waiver release sign at each court site which states that, by entering the court site premises, you agree to be photographed and/or filmed by the non-profit United States Tennis Association Pacific Northwest (USTA PNW) in connection with your participation in this event and that the USTA PNW will own any and all rights in such photography and film of you.


Tennis Balls: Penn is the official ball sponsor of USTA League. USTA PNW has agreed to invest funds to use Pro Penn Marathon balls for all Section Championships.


Bananas: USTA PNW will order bananas for each tournament site throughout the weekend


Ice: USTA PNW or host facility will supply ice to cool beverages or to keep small coolers chilled (please do not fill large coolers) 


PNW Color Wars: -  Neon Pink


Bring Water Container: Players and spectators must bring their own water container. Water will be available for refilling a container, but there may not be any bottles or cups available on site.


Keep Hydrated: Click here for information on the importance of hydration. 


Follow Host Site Rules: We are all guests of these facilities. Please pick up all trash and be respectful of management or staff. They also have their own rules in place as to what is acceptable at their facility so please obey any posted rules. 


2023 Sportsmanship Nomination


Adult 55 & Over 2023 Section Champions

  • 6.0 Men - GFU-Lumetta (N OR)
  • 6.0 Women - VAC-Clerget/Peters (SWW)
  • 7.0 Men - MPRC-Anderson/Broad (N OR)
  • 7.0 Women - JTC-Hewitt-Speedsters (SWW)
  • 8.0 Men - IRV-Gariety (N OR)
  • 8.0 Women - PSC-George/Tzeng (NWW)
  • 9.0 Men - THPRD-Collie (N OR)
  • 9.0 Women - VTC-Kowalewski (N OR)



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