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NTRP Ratings appeals are now automated. To get your Rating Appeal follow the steps below:


   1) CLICK HERE to go to the "Find a Rating" webpage in Tennis Link

   2) Enter your USTA # to find your rating

   3) On the far right of the screen you will now see a link called Appeal Rating

   4) Click on Appeal Rating  and enter the requested information. The player will recieve an instant decision. This process is final. 

    All results are based on the National criteria and guidelines.


*All NTRP appeals to a valid comuter rating must be appealed online (excluding NTRP Medical appleals).  If you have questions, please contact your Local League Coordinator.
Click HERE for your area's Local League Coordinator contact information. 




- District/Area, Section and National Benchmark Ratings may not be appealed in the first year received. 



All others whose rating fall within the appealable range set by USTA National will be granted.


Year-end ratings can only be appealed online through tennislink, see instructions above on how to appeal an NTRP year-end rating.





For complete information on Medical Appeals and to download the appropriate documents to file an appeal please visit the USTA LEAGUE WEBSITE


A medical appeal may be requested by a player for reconsideration of his/her NTRP rating based on a permanently disabling injury or illness that has occurred since the player generated the year-end or early-start NTRP Rating.   


Only the player may appeal his/her computer-generated rating DUE TO MEDICAL REASONS.  To file a medical appeal, the player must submit a written request for reconsideration of his/her rating, the USTA League NTRP Medical Appeal Form and the Attending Physician’s Statement via email, fax or mail to his/her USTA Section League Coordinator who will forward to the Chair of the designated Medical Review Committee. 


When possible, forms should be submitted via email. 



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