SOUTHWEST League Regulations

January 2, 2023

League Regulations

Please read the regulations for the current year thoroughly. If you have questions, please contact your Local League Coordinator for clarification.

2023 USTA League Season (Championship Year)

For a Local League Coordinator in your area, click HERE


Section Championships




Up to six USTA Southwest districts may send qualified teams in each division to the Section Championships. The Section Championship match format will adapt as necessary. The SWS will announce the match format approximately 30 days before the Section Championship start date.



By that time it will be known how many of the six USTA Southwest districts have qualified to advance. To find info on USTA Southwest League Championships, click HERE


The format may be a round robin or consist of flights with winners advancing to a semi-final playoff. This format is similar to the National Championship format.




A 3rd set match tie break shall be used for Sectional Championships. The Coman tiebreak shall be used for all set and match tie break. 



Self-Rating Guidelines

Players without a computer rating are required to declare a self-rating on TennisLink when entering the USTA League program regardless of the NTRP level they enter. The system will assign a rating for the player. The player may accept this rating and continue the process for registering for a team or may appeal this rating and wait for the Adult/Senior Competitive Coordinator to either accept or deny the appeal.


If the rating was appealed, the Adult/Senior Competitive Coordinator will inform the player in writing which level the player is approved to play. Once the player is notified he/she may continue registration online and register for his/her team.


If a player self-rates and registers for a team without following the above process, the SWS will suspend play for that player until the necessary documentation is submitted and a decision is rendered.


For a general description of each NTRP level, click HERE.



Dynamic Disqualification 

There are times when player's competitive levels actually go above the threshold that is characteristic for their NTRP skill level. The ratings categories are generalizations about skill levels and may be adjusted as a player's skills change or as their match play demonstrates the need for reclassification. Ultimately, a player's ratings is based upon match results.


To learn a bit more about Dynamic Disqualification, click HERE




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