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August 25, 2023

USTA Mid-Atlantic 2023 Planning Calendar


Let's gear up for a fun and exciting year ahead! As we continue to approve and post events on the Junior Tournament schedule for the year here in the Mid-Atlantic, we are excited to share sneak peak of the 2024 Planning Calendar* with you.


Things to know:

This calendar outlines the most current information regarding the advanced and advanced intermediate  junior schedule for 2023


As event locations are finalized we will update with “Coming Soon” or “Register Here” or “TBD”


If there are changes or additional information, we will update as needed


Please note the “Last Updated” date in the upper left corner in RED 


Level 6, Level 7, Junior Circuit, and WTN Tournaments are not included on the planning calendar, but in general: 


Level 7, WTN Tournaments, and Orange & Green Ball Junior Circuit events run on the same weekends as Level 3 & Level 5 events


Level 6, WTN Tournaments, and all Ball color Junior Circuit events run on the same weekends as Level 2 & 4 events


If a weekend is designated as a “TEAM Event” weekend on the planning calendar, the majority if not all of the events running on any level will also be in some sort of a team format (including Doubles, Mixed Doubles, Dominant Duo, College Format & Mixed Team)


*The planning calendar is subject to change. 

Looking for National Level 1-3 events, click here for the 2023 National tournament schedule


New Year, New Regulations!

The 2023 Mid-Atlantic Junior Regulations went into effect on January 1, 2023. There were a few changes from 2022, so please review this Summary of Changes as well as the full regulations prior to competing in 2023. 


More Team Events in 2023!

Tennis is fun, but when you team up with others and play you take the fun to the next level! NEW USTA Mid-Atlantic Team Events are happening and you can join in. When you sign up for a team event you learn what it means to be a part of, and compete with, a team. Take a look at Team Event successes across the Mid-Atlantic!



USTA Mid-Atlantic expects everyone to commit to a safe, inclusive, and FUN environment on and off the tennis court when they are participating in Mid-Atlantic-sanctioned events. To foster good sportsmanship and continue to create community, character, and well-being, all players, parents, spectators, coaches, and providers must commit to the ACES Pledge .


New to Tournaments?

Check out these resources to help you get started. 

Guide to Getting Started

Tournament Parent Guide

USTA Junior Playbook: Download Here


Is my child ready for Junior Tournaments?

Players who are 10 years old or younger are not eligible to compete in Junior Tournaments until they have completed the Net Generation Play Tracker (coming soon) or they turn 11 years old.


If this is your child’s first experience with competitive match play, it is strongly recommended to start with at least one Junior Circuit event before entering a Junior Tournament. Junior Circuit events are open to all ages and introduce players to competitive match play in a fun, non-elimination short format. For more information on the Junior Circuit click here


When you’re ready to play competitive tennis, USTA Junior Tournaments are a great way to get out on the court and test your game.


If you have questions regarding USTA Mid-Atlantic Junior Tournaments please email tournaments@mas.usta.com.


Important Resources from USTA Mid-Atlantic:

Tournament Search




For information on how to access results through the Player Profile, click here.


If you believe that there is an issue with your ranking please fill out this form


2023 Mid-Atlantic Junior Regulations


Player Guidelines - Junior Tournaments


USTA Mid-Atlantic Sportsmanship Initiative


USTA Mid-Atlantic Discipline & Grievance Form, click here to file a grievance


Click below to filter by these categories:

2023 Mid-Atlantic Junior Regulations


Which levels are considered Intermediate?

Level 7 (L7) - Open Intermediate Round Robin Events (1 Day Events)

Level 6 (L6) - Open Intermediate Round Robin Events (2 Day Events)

Level 5 (L5) - Open and Closed Intermediate Sectional Events (Up to 3 Days)

2023 Mid-Atlantic Junior Regulations


Which levels are considered Advanced?

Level 4 (L4) - Open & Closed Advanced  Sectional Events  (3+ Days)

Level 3 (L3) - National Events including Closed L3 USTA/MAS Sectional Championships (3+ Days)

Level 2 (L2) - National Tournaments and National Team events 

Level 1 (L1) - National Championships; National Team Events; and some ITF events

Medical and USTA Release

Check out this list of resources for players from USTA National: Click Here

Competitive Pathway Resources for Tennis Parents: Click here for Q&A and Webinars

Questions about account preferences: 

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  • Learn how to update your USTA profile, click here

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