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May 14, 2021
Junior Tennis




Mid-Atlantic Section Championships

We are excited to announce that the June Sectional Championships (Closed L3) are open for registration!


With a limited inventory of providers and facilities as a result of the challenges faced from COVID-19, we ask that you continue to be patient and understanding as our Section Championships may look a little different this year. 


For the June Sectional Championships, we are utilizing public courts and we will not be able to provide indoor backup for the BG12 & 14 events. With that being said, there will be a limited indoor backup for the BG16 & 18. Several Section Championship events will be scheduled to start on Thursday, June 17 with the possibility of running into Monday, June 21 in the event of rain. ADVERTISEMENT Additionally, court scheduling may present some challenges. It is our hope to accept all players up to 48 per division. However, some divisions are noted as having a 32 draw limit and our ability to accept up to 48 will depend on applicants across all divisions at the time registration closes.


Click Here for the Closed Level 3 & 4 events registering now


Summer National Championships

Please review the following update from National Staff regarding the summer National Championships:


The National Junior Competition Committee voted and the USTA Board of Directors have voted and now officially approved the relaxation of the Junior Quota calculation Regulation. This now permits the USTA Sections to order their Sectional Quota List in a manner determined by each Sectional Association.


It is anticipated that this relaxation of the Regulation will only be required for the USTA National Clay Court Championships in July and the USTA National Championships in August.


The USTA Mid-Atlantic Section has been fortunate enough to run high-level events since last summer, our Section Quota spots will be based on the most current National Standing List at the time registration closes. For information on the sequence of the selection process for the summer National Championships, please click here. To see the number of Section Quota spots each section receives please click here.


We will provide timely updates on junior tournaments, so make sure to visit this page and follow USTA Mid-Atlantic on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to never miss an update. This is also a good time to check your USTA profile notification settings. Make sure you have selected to receive information from the Section/District. If you have questions on tournaments, contact


Questions about account preferences: 

  • Learn how to update your email notifications, click here

  • Learn how to update your USTA profile, click here


Is my child ready for Junior Tournaments?

Players who are 10 years old or younger are not eligible to compete in Junior Tournaments until they have completed the Net Generation Play Tracker (coming soon) or they turn 11 years old.


If this is your child’s first experience with competitive match play, it is strongly recommended to start with at least one Junior Circuit event before entering a Junior Tournament. Junior Circuit events are open to all ages and introduce players to competitive match play in a fun, non-elimination short format. For more information on the Junior Circuit click here


When you’re ready to play competitive tennis, USTA Junior Tournaments are a great way to get out on the court and test your game.


If you have questions regarding USTA Mid-Atlantic Junior Tournaments please email


Click below to filter by these categories:

Intermediate Players (L5, L6, L7) I Advanced Players (L3 & L4) | Additional Resources




Don't miss out - Mid-Atlantic Deadlines in 2021:

L7 - Monday 5:59 pm EST the week of the event (4 days prior to the first day of play)

L6 - Sunday 5:59 pm EST the week of the event (5 days prior to the first day of play)

L5 - Thursday 5:59 pm EST the week prior to the event (9 days prior to the first day of play)

L4 & L3 - Wednesday 5:59 pm EST the week prior to the event (10 days prior to the first day of play)

L3, L2 & L1 National Events - Typically 3-4 weeks prior to the event


Important Resources from the Mid-Atlantic Section:

Tournament Search:


For information on how to access results through the Player Profile, click here.

If you believe that there is an issue with your ranking please fill out this form

How to Search for a Tournament on

Tournament Regulations for 2021

Player Guidelines - Junior Tournaments

Tournament FAQs

USTA Player Promise and Spectator Oath

USTA Mid-Atlantic Discipline & Grievance Form, click here to file a grievance

Click here to watch the Mid-Atlantic Junior 2021 Tournament Changes Webinar that took place on December 8. 

To read the Q&A portion of the webinar, click here.



Additional Resources from USTA:

General Updates from USTA on 2021 National Structural changes

2021 National Junior Structural Changes - Video

A rankings primer  - Video

Bonus Points Information

Medical and USTA Release



Information for Intermediate Players:

It is recommended that intermediate players and players new to tournaments start by reviewing the USTA Mid-Atlantic Section Planning Guide and Tips which includes a link to our Level 5 Advanced Intermediate Planning Calendar.


Which levels are considered Intermediate?

Level 7 (L7) - Open Intermediate Round Robin Events (1 Day Events)

Level 6 (L6) - Open Intermediate Round Robin Events (2 Day Events)

Level 5 (L5) - Open Intermediate Sectional Events (Up to 3 Days)

Tournament Schedule - Level 5 Advanced Intermediate Planning Calendar

Tournament Resources for Intermediate Players - coming soon

Tournament Regulations for 2021




Information for Advanced Players:

Which levels are considered Advanced?

Level 4 (L4) - Open & Closed Advanced  Sectional Events  (3+ Days)

Level 3 (L3) - National Events including Closed L3 USTA/MAS Sectional Championships (3+ Days)

Level 2 (L2) - National Tournaments and National Team events 

Level 1 (L1) - National Championships; National Team Events; and some ITF events

Important Updates for Parents and Players:

Tournament Schedule - Click here to view the Advanced Planning Calendar

Tournament Resources for Advanced Players - coming soon

Tournament Regulations for 2021

USTA Resources



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