January 1, 2017

Being a Junior Team Tennis parent is a tremendous opportunity: You get a chance to see your kids learn and enjoy tennis, and you can take part by becoming an organizer or coach. It doesn't matter if you've never picked up a racquet – what's important is that you can make an impact that goes beyond the sidelines.

How tennis benefits your children

The benefits of tennis are many. Getting children into the sport at a young age helps them develop physically, mentally and socially. They learn lessons inside the lines of a tennis court that they can apply to life outside as well. Add to those benefits an environment in which they can share everything with friends and teammates and you’ve got the essence of USTA Junior Team Tennis.

Our sister site,, gives a great breakdown of everything positive the game brings to young players.

It's a sport that challenges all parents to learn a bit more about themselves, too.

Lead the way

Nearly 100,000 kids from coast to coast are enjoying Jr. ADVERTISEMENT Team Tennis annually, thanks to the parents who donate their time and dedicate their talents to transform communities. Here's how you can, too:

  • Become an organizer: If you don't know if there's a team near your home, don't hesitate to ask your section. They're always there to advise. If there's no team around, no worries – you can volunteer to start a team and the USTA will help coordinate locally.
  • Become a coach: If you think you'd enjoy an active role on the court, check out our Coaches Corner. With a few quick steps, you can get right in the game.


Safe Play


In order  to be eligible to serve as a Junior Team Tennis coach, manager, co-manager or local coordinator, applicants must fulfill certain Safe Play criteria, including reading the youth protection policies and procedures for USTA Junior Team Tennis, completing the online training module and completing a background screen application.


For more information about Safe Play, click here


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