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Getting to Know:

USTA Junior Competitive Pathway


In this 30-minute session, you’ll learn about the USTA's research-supported-pathway for competition aimed to keep kids having fun, developing their skills and playing for a lifetime.

Frequently asked questions from parents


How do we search for USTA tournaments?

USTA offers fun and competitive opportunities for pages 5-18, all levels. You can search for programming near you by visiting You can also search for more competitive environments on with our tournament search. If you have questions about play programs in your area, we have 17 section offices across the country whose staff are able and willing to assist parents and players. To find out more about our sections, and the contact information for the Section you live in -- click here.


What are USTA Junior Circuit and USTA Tournament ranked events?

USTA Junior Circuit events use a non-elimination, round-robin draw format for players of all ages so you can gain match experience in a tournament setting and then see your individual results. ADVERTISEMENT These fun events give you the opportunity to develop your skills through level-based play while learning and demonstrating good sportsmanship.


USTA Junior Tournaments are events that are hosted by facilities throughout the U.S. The duration is either one day or multiple days. There are Levels 1-7. Each ranking level carries different values in terms of ranking points from L7 up to L1.  So, the higher-ranked events are typically harder to get into, with more ranking points on the line per match/tournament win. Level 7 tournaments target intermediate players while Level 1 are more for advanced players. Ranking points are given based on the amount of wins. For more information, please visit the following website


We have 17 section offices across the country whose staff are able and willing to assist parents and players find the appropriate play opportunities. To find out more about our Sections, and the contact information for the Section you live in -- click here. You can also visit for more information on programs we offer by clicking here.


How do we navigate red, orange, and green ball play in the Net Generation Playtracker?

All 10-and-under players are recommended to use Net Generation PlayTracker when wanting to compete in USTA competitive programs. The PlayTracker is designed to guide parents and players through the red, orange, green and yellow ball pathway and serve up education. More information on the PlayTracker system can be found at


What are UTR tournaments?

UTR is a separate business to USTA and offers tournaments and leagues that contribute to a rating. For more information, please visit their website


How does USTA deal with cheating?

We don’t take this situation lightly. We are addressing this situation through three strategies. Collaboration with our officiating department, education to players and parents, and exploring technology possibilities.


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