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The U.S. has historically done well at the quadrennial Pan American games, having won more than twice as many total medals as any other country. Tennis has been part of the Pan American Games since the event's inception in 1951, with the exception of 1971.


Team USA at the Pan American Games

2019 (Lima, Peru)

Gold: Usue Arconada and Caroline Dolehide, women's doubles

Silver: Caroline Dolehide, women's singles


2015 (Toronto, Canada)

Bronze: Dennis Novikov, men's singles


2011 (Guadalajara, Mexico)

Gold: Irina Falconi, women's singles

Silver: Irina Falconi and Christina McHale, women's doubles

Bronze: Christina McHale, women's singles

Bronze: Nicholas Monroe and Greg Ouellette, men's doubles


2007 (Rio de Janiero, Brazil)

No medalists


2003 (Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic)

Silver: Sarah Taylor, women's singles

Bronze: Ansley Cargill, women's singles

Bronze: Alex Kim, men's singles

Bronze: Jeff Morrison and Alex Bogomolov, Jr., men's doubles



1999 (Winnipeg, Canada)

Gold: Paul Goldstein, men's singles

Silver: Cecil Mamiit, men's singles

Silver: Tara Snyder, women's singles

Bronze: Alexandra Stevenson, women's singles

Bronze: Bob Bryan and Mike Bryan, men's doubles


1995 (Mar del Plata, Argentina)

Gold: Shaun Stafford and Jack Waite, mixed doubles

Silver: Ann Grossman and Chanda Rubin, women's doubles

Silver: Ann Grossman, women's singles

Bronze: Chanda Rubin, women's singles

Bronze: Men's Team

Bronze: Women's Team


1991 (Havana, Cuba)

Gold: Pam Shriver, women's singles

Gold: Donna Faber and Pam Shriver, women's doubles

Gold: David DiLucia and and Pam Shriver, mixed doubles

Silver: David DiLucia, men's singles


1987 (Indianapolis, Indiana)

Gold: Sonia Hahn and Ronni Reis, women's doubles

Gold: Luke Jensen and Patrick McEnroe, men's doubles

Silver: Al Parker, men's singles

Bronze: Luke Jensen, men's dingles


1983 (Caracas, Venezuela)

Gold: Greg Holmes, men's singles

Gold: Gretchen Rush, women's singles

Gold: Eric Korita and Jon Levine, men's doubles

Gold: Louise Allen and Gretchen Rush, women's doubles

Bronze: Linda Gates and Greg Holmes, mixed doubles


1979 (San Juan, Puerto Rico)

Gold: Susan Hagey and Ann Henricksson, women's doubles

Gold: Andy Kohlberg and Mel Purcell, men's doubles

Gold: Susan Hagey, women's singles

Gold: Mel Purcell, men's singles

Silver: Trey Lewis, women's singles

Silver: Fritz Buehning and Ann Henricksson, mixed doubles


1975 (Mexico City, Mexico)

Gold: Butch Walts, men's singles

Gold: Lele Forood, women's singles

Gold: Bruce Mandon and Butch Walts, men's doubles

Gold: Sandra Stap and Stephanie Tolleson, women's doubles

Gold: Lele Forood and Hank Pfister, mixed doubles


1967 (Winnipeg, Canada)

Gold: Jane Albert and Patsy Rippy, women's doubles

Gold: Jane Albert and Arthur Ashe, mixed doubles

Silver: Herb Fitzgibbon, men's singles

Silver: Patsy Rippy, women's singles

Bronze: Arthur Ashe, men's singles

Bronze: Jane Albert, women's singles


1963 (Sao Paulo, Brazil)

Gold: Carole Caldwell and Darlene Hard, women's doubles

Bronze: Frank Froehling and Darlene Hard, mixed doubles

Bronze: Darlene Hard, women's singles


1959 (Chicago, Illinois)

Gold: Althea Gibson, women's singles

Silver: Althea Gibson and Karol Fageros, women's doubles

Bronze: Jon Douglas, men's singles

Bronze: Dorothy Knode, women's singles

Bronze: Mike Franks and Grant Golden, men's doubles

Bronze: Althea Gibson and Grant Golden, mixed doubles 


1955 (Mexico City, Mexico)

Gold: Art Larsen, men's singles

Bronze: Art Larsen and Edward Moylan, men's doubles 


1951 (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

No medalists


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