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Safe Play Policy Highlights for Parents and Players

Safe Play Policy Highlights for Parents and Players

The United States Tennis Association Incorporated (USTA) is committed to the health and wellness of all athletes participating in a USTA or a USTA Section tournament, program, or event. To help safeguard athletes, the USTA has developed Safe Play. Governing the program is the USTA Safe Play Policy which incorporates the U.S. Center for SafeSport Code and defines the key areas of misconduct that can occur in sport. Key highlights from the USTA Safe Play Policy are provided below and may require your attention, so please review carefully:


1. All one-on-one interactions between an adult and an unrelated minor athlete must occur in an open and observable location. This includes during any training or practice scenario.


2. All sports medicine therapies including massage therapy performed on a minor athlete must be conducted in an open and observable location and done with at least one other adult present and must never be done with only the minor athlete and the person performing the service in the room. 


3. Under no circumstances, including in a locker room or changing area, shall an unrelated adult intentionally expose his or her breasts, buttocks, groin, or genitals to a minor athlete. Except for athletes on the same team, at no time shall an unrelated adult be permitted to be alone with a minor athlete in a locker room or changing area.


4. All electronic communications between an unrelated adult and a minor athlete must copy either (i) the minor’s legal guardian or parent; or (ii) another adult from the USTA program, event, or tournament.


5. Adults (except for the parent or legal guardian) shall not ride in a vehicle alone with an unrelated minor athlete, absent emergency circumstances, and must have at least two minor athletes or another adult in transport at all times, unless otherwise agreed to in writing by the minor athlete’s parent/legal guardian in advance of each local travel.


6. When only one adult and one minor athlete travel to a competition which involves an overnight stay, the minor athlete must have his or her legal guardian’s written permission in advance and for each competition to travel alone with said adult.


7. Adults SHALL NOT share a hotel room or other sleeping arrangement with a minor athlete (unless the adult is the legal guardian, sibling, or is otherwise related to the minor athlete). However, a parent/legal guardian may consent to such an arrangement in advance and in writing.


8. Meetings are not permitted to be conducted in a hotel room. 


The USTA has adopted the educational resources provided by the U.S. Center for SafeSport to inform parents and athletes of all ages about preventing misconduct in sport.


The USTA STRONGLY ENCOURAGES all athletes and their parents / legal guardians complete training regarding the prevention of abuse in sport. To access these resources please visit


Violations (or a suspicion of a violation) of the USTA Safe Play Policy must be reported to the USTA immediately. These reports and any other suspicions you believe the USTA should be made aware of can be made by emailing or visiting Any suspicions of child abuse or child sexual abuse must be reported to the local authorities and to the U.S. Center for SafeSport by visiting

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