Caribbean / U.S. Virgin Islands

Three National Championships

for Caribbean Section

December 11, 2019

During October and November 2019, the USTA League National Championships were held in different cities of the United States. More than 30 teams traveled representing the Caribbean, against the other 16 sections of the USTA, in search of the coveted national title. And, in addition to the competition on the court, our players were part of a dazzling display of tennis and color by participating in the ColorWars. This year, the Caribbean will show its pride with YELLOW.


As a result, we obtained very good results by bringing three championships and a fourth place. These teams are:



18 & Over League | MEN'S3.0 

October 11-13, 2019 @ Oklahoma City

Team: Caguas

Members: Francisco Vargas, Rafael Luna Sr., Rafael Luna Jr., Edrick Ujaque, Alexander Asia, Raymond Crespo, Carlos I. Ríos, Cesar Marín, Hector Davila, Gerardo Silva, Harry López Reyes and Lydia Mercado.


Captain: Rafael Luna



 40 & OVERLEAGUE | MEN'S 3.0

October 18-20, 2019 @ USTA National Campus Orlando, Florida.

Team: Torrimar Titanes

Members: Jorge Mau, Samuel Monge, Carlos Garcia, Eduardo Almodovar, Francisco Millan, Fernando Rodriguez-Flores, Luis Melendez-Fox, Douglas Pennock, Manuel Enrique Roca, Anndy Senatus Jean and Nestor Munoz Santiago

Captain: Luis Sánchez




November 8-10, 2019 @ USTA National Campus Orlando, Florida.

Team: Baldrich

Members: Tania Borrero, Anelisa Merced, Graciela Pérez, Inés Rosas, Charisse Rodríguez, Henry Carrión, Antonio Pagán, Víctor Santiago, Pablo Venes, Ian Camareno.

Captain: Héctor Báez




October 4-6, 2019 @ Surprise, Arizona

Team: Baldrich

Members: Alondra Roldán, Ana Campos, Ana Nieves, Charisse Rodríguez, Darcy Ramírez, Emily Borges, Gretchen Seda, Janis Pabon, Katherine Carrión, Mabel Chicue, Paulina Barquero, Rita More, Valerie García, Wanda Saldaña, Yarymar Rivera & Yenis Larez.

Captain: Héctor Báez


We congratulate all the League players, we know that the effort was worth it and that next year, more championships will come to the Caribbean.


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