Caribbean / U.S. Virgin Islands

Begginer Adult Program 

Second Season Final 



On November 16, we celebrated the closing of the Beginning Adult Program with the final matches of the second season of 2019 at the Centro de Tenis Honda de Bayamón.


This initiative provides competitive experience to adults who have just started in the sport of tennis and prepares them for leagues by USTA categories.


Here are the 2019 champions and finalist:




Champions: Centro de Tenis Honda | Captain: Gustavo Carrasquillo

Finalist: Landscapes | Captain: Anette Maldonado

3rd Place: Baldrich | Captain: Oderaiza Soto

4th Place: Crissy González | Captain: Axel Ortíz




Champion: El Valenciano - Juncos | Captain: Miguel Lozada

Finalist: Centro de Tenis Honda | Captain: José Torres

3rd Place: Baldrich | Captain: Norman Storer

4th Place: La Grana Guaynabo | Captain: Alejandro Chang


We congratulate all the participants and their captains and wish them every success to those who will debut in the  2.5 USTA League next year.



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