Get to Know A League Captain: Patricia Gould

November 20, 2020

League Captains are the largest group of volunteers in the USTA. Among the countless other responsibilities in their regular lives, these dedicated individuals clock long hours handling the logistics: Recruiting players, distributing materials, relaying rules for matches and recording results. Their commitment and leadership ensures that USTA Leagues will continue to grow and  flourish in the Eastern section. Learn more about these tireless tennis advocates with “Get to Know a League Captain”.




Patricia captains multiple 18 and Over, 40 and Over and Tri-Level teams in the Metro Region.


What items do you always keep in your tennis bag? 

Gould: Martina Navratilova Energy Balls. I can send you the recipe.


What's your earliest tennis memory (watching or playing)?

Gould: I started playing late. I became interested after watching my sons take lessons.


What’s your favorite tennis shot?

Gould: The volley. I like to end the point early.


How would you describe your playing style?

Gould: Aggressive. I wish I had more patience!


And who’s your favorite tennis player?

Gould: Rafael Nadal. I love his attitude...and I think he is so cute.

What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever seen happen on a tennis court?

Gould:  A family of squirrels opened everyone's tennis bags, took out the bars and food and sat there eating them while watching us play.


How do you motivate your teams in tough moments? Any go-to advice?

Gould: Never quit. My team has lost the playoffs by one game, so I tell my players that every game we win helps us, even in a loss. I try to keep every match of equal importance. And I love to include inspirational and funny quotes from coaching and playing greats in my emails, like, "Champions keep playing until they get it right," from Billie Jean King, and "I've found that prayers work best when you have great players," by Knute Rockne.


What did you miss most about tennis during the suspension?

Gould: I missed my friends and coaches. I was surprised at how nervous I was for my first match back!


What do you love most about the game?

Gould: It is a mind and body exercise. And I love my friends. I knew very few people when I moved to New York from California. Our first holiday party had 10 people. Now, [pre-COVID] we'll have 70 guests. Mostly from tennis!

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