Broward County's Fernanda Freitas named USTA Florida Tennis Volunteer of the Month

Jaret Kappelman | May 31, 2023

There are tons of moving parts to the tennis industry. From coaches and players to business leaders and volunteers, everyone is essential to making the sport the success it is.


USTA Florida’s Volunteer of the Month for May, Fernanda Freitas, is going above and beyond for the tennis community. She started as tennis volunteer in 2021 when she was nominated and elected as a member of the USTA FL Bylaws and Governance Committee.

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Under the guidance of former USTA Florida President, Dana Andrews, Fernanda’s first term on the committee was focused on reviewing and revising the USTA FL Bylaws. They thoroughly went through each article to make sure that they matched up with the organization's needs and fit in with the tennis agenda in Florida.  


She is serving her second term on the committee right now, with it running through 2024. Fernanda has held many responsibilities while serving on the committee including being responsible for helping with the distribution of the numbered envelopes to the delegates, collecting the envelopes containing the ballots, as well as supporting the team with the vote counting. Fernanda has also helped prepare for the Annual Meeting of Membership and the 2023-2024 Nominating Committee elections.


She credits her time so far on the committee to her Committee Chair, Jo-Ann Zirpoli. “She provided us with a growth leadership environment and mindset,” Fernanda said. “This allowed me to function as an involved member on this revision process, sharing my suggestions and working tirelessly with the whole group.”


As USTA Florida Tennis Volunteer of the Month, the organization thanks Fernanda for dedicating her time to change the way tennis is viewed as a sport. She is setting a great example for people interested in joining a committee, showing that you can make a difference in the community.


Interested in volunteering in tennis? Visit www.USTAFlorida.com/Volunteers to learn more about available opportunities.     



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